Minoc’s Annual Grand Battle Chicken Championships Oct. 28th, 8 PM EST


Join us on October 28th, 2013 @ 8 PM EST as we debut our Annual Battle Chicken Championships! Opening ceremonies will see a speech by the Governor of Minoc, entrance fee collections, and random pairing for the first round of battles.

Bring your most eligible, trained greater chickens to compete for the grand prize of $1,000,000 gold. An entrance fee of 50,000 gold is required for every chicken entered. A player can enter up to 3 chickens. All entrance fees go to fund the building of our Minoc Docks to enhance trade and commerce for our great city.

Taking place over that following week, depending on the number of entries, each night will see a total of three competitions of randomly paired chickens. The winner of each will move on to the next round until we have 2 remaining finalists. The finals will be held on Monday November 4th, 2013 @ 8 PM EST. The winner will be announced and crowned as “Minoc’s Chicken Supreme for 2013” (not an in game title). Current standings will be posted and updated daily.

1) No assistance from tamers or other players. Be sure to bond your chickens if you expect them to be resurrected. Miss Cherry Spy will be on hand to offer resurrections as needed.

2) Entrance fees must be paid during the Opening Ceremonies. A book with your chicken’s name, owner’s name, owner’s ICQ# must be submitted with your entrance fee to the Governor of Minoc.

3) Random pairings for the beginning battles will be selected by a random person in attendance.

4) If a competitor’s name is called, the player has 5 minutes to enter his chicken into the ring. If they are not there, they forfeit and their opponent moves on to the next round.

5) Prizes are 1,000,000 gold for the winner and 250,000 gold for the runner up.


There will be a BOOKMARKER on hand to handle all gambling endeavors for citizens. Bets will be collected BY CHECK via the BOOKMARKER before every battle pairing. Proceeds go to fund the city’s beautification projects. Payouts are as follows.

Return of your initial bet plus:
~ .20g for every gold, up to 100,000.
~ .50g for every gold, up to 500,000.
~ 1g for every gold, up to 1,000,000.


FOOD and DRINKS are provided for all events!


Gov. Ariana Erikkson,
Governor of Minoc

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