Not what’s mine…

I held my loves hand as we made our way back to Monticello. I’ve never felt these feelings for a mortal man before, but my God I will never regret being with him. We agreed to wait until we could have a family together first… be married.. allow him time to age a bit more before I turned him. He would be my first.  And quite possibly my only.

Ariok looked to me with his beautiful eyes and smiled. “Think we can go home for a bit of…private training?” If my heart held a beat it would have fluttered. I grinned and pulled him to our home. Our safe haven. Upon opening the door I felt something wasn’t right. And at that moment I wish I had not asked Arioks guard to take a break.

Ariok was suddenly ripped from my hand and thrown hard into a tree, he hit the ground hard and didn’t get back up. I was filled with rage, I drew my blades and felt a force hit me square in the chest. I slid back and saw a beautiful arabian woman before me. I knew her, Azra. David’s favorite little witch. “Little Cassadee Spy…you will do well to step back and go home.” I glared, “you will not touch what I’d MINE!” I lunged and attacked her. She deflected my blades with her hands, her fucking hands! It only pissed me off more. I changed my aim and finally landed a hit. I managed to stab her in her thigh, earning a cackle from her beatiful lips. “Oh baby Spy, you will regret your actions.”

I didn’t realize how right she was until she had me worn down and bloody that I would regret this fight, but I’ll be damned if I was going to lose Ariok. I finally found true, unblimished love and I would not let that go. I would kill my own sister for him. Then it hit me, Erika! I needed help! I couldn’t face off with a thousand plus year old vamp alone. So in my mind I clalled for her. I prayed she would hear me. I fought back hard against the witch and held on as long as possible. Until she struck me hard and I hit the ground, cracking it. “Now, you die!” My eyes turned to my beloved Ariok who lay on the ground, his eyes opening and found mine. At least I would die, looking into his eyes for the last time.

I felt blood spray my face, a sickening cough and a beautiful voice, “no bitch, YOU Die.” My head turned to see Erika, her sword through Azra’s chest. And the witch turning to ash, the wind taking her away. Never have I been so happy to see my little sister. She dropped down beside me and held me in her arms, whispering “you fool, stupid fool.” All I could do was hug her tightly.  Until I heard the moan of my beloved. I got up and walked to him. “Let’s go Monticello.”

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