Paris, France – Oh Shi…

maryconcert2The concert was a success. Mary was bigger and louder then she has ever been, my pride in her knows no bounds. I saw my Louie in the private booth with Marius and Pandora, and Mary’s student boy, Jace. I watched his reactions to this lifestyle I live. Nervous, and a bit uneasy, but he did not leave. I knew we would be alright. I had yet to tell him, Mary and I had a full spread in Rolling Stones Magazine coming up very soon. I plan to “come out” to the world then.

Amy Lee of U.S. band Evanescence performs during a concert in Mexico city

At the end of the concert Mary began playing her newest song, “Lost in Paradise.” She had written that to Marius, her love for him runs deep and it pains her. I made a rash decision, and pulled out an instrument I had not played in some years, I figured, hey! Akasha’s on another world, she can’t hear me here, can she? Who the fuck cares, I’m doing it! I played Nicki’s violin along side Mary’s exquisite piano playing. We made quite the pair. The music took over us, we made love to it on that stage and by god did we ever get off on it. I made that baby scream for Mary, her keys whined for me. We felt the crowd bend and cry out for more. I wanted more!

In the end, I knew I might be in some trouble, I knew what the consequences would be when I played. Fuck it. Marius could bitch at me later, for now I had to exit the stage with my beautiful Vampire Seductress. As always we flew from the concert and I landed her directly on the balcony of her hotel room, she insisted I returned to mine and she would wait for Jace. I said nothing but only smiled. She loved that boy, and somehow I knew that one day, Marius will not hold a candle to Jace. The thought made me giggle, about time someone puts Marius in his place!

As I walked into my hotel, I was met by Louie. We embraced in a solid and passionate kiss. I guess he was affected by the music as well. HELL! You won’t see me complaining! But alas! Our special little moment was interrupted by an irritable Marius and his wife. I do have to say, Pandora in black leather and that gold collar I gifted to her, is damn hot. For about an hour it seemed I listened to Marius lecture about the violin and how lucky I was that we were on earth and not Sosaria. Honestly, I’m not stupid. Last thing I want was for her to awaken. It would ruin what I have with Louie now. She had and still has a thing for me, what the hell was I thinking? I will never know, regrets though? None.


After his little lecture, Marius sat and poured champagne for the four of us and toasted to a wonderful show. Then asked the question I could only smirk in answer, “Where’s Mary?” Pandora answered for me, she was in her own room with Jace. I’d have told him she was living the rock star life, rocking hard, partying hard, and fucking hard. I’m sure that would have earned me a nice glare from Louie, and possibly a punch from Pandora. We spent hours enjoying ourselves until finally Pandora dragged Marius out to their own hotel. Finally! Louie was all mine!

We spent the night like it was our first. His eyes open to my lifestyle and I catered to his every whim. We laid in each others arms in pure bliss until the sun peeked up and it was our time to rest. Come evening the next day, we went out and enjoyed the night, I told him of the tour, where our next journey would be to. I thought a trip to Venice would be enjoyable. We would be meeting with our dear friends Armand and Merida as well. I do believe their adoption of little Rosie Merida Romanus was finalized, as was their little Antonio’s. Oh, how Uncle Lestat will spoil them rotten…

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