Picking Up The Pieces, Pt. 3


Amroth tried to stop her. He knew his wife was controlling, manipulative, and worst of all violent. The complete opposite of him. Esme ran up the grand staircase with Pandora in tow and I trying to grab at her, make her stop.  As soon as she got to the top of the stairs, the master bedroom’s doors flung open… and there they stood:  Va’lis Razele and Esmeralda Plinius, face to face.  Ruby who had been sitting on the chaise outside the bedroom instantly stood up.  The collective gasps from Ruby, Cherry, and Pandora told us everything we needed to know.

A burst of flaming rage entered Esme, she lost her shit and immediately flung him out into the hall against the stone wall.  The deep indentation on the wall told us, yeah that hurt. Cherry screamed! “Va’lis! Mother, no. Please, I beg you.” She tried to stand in Esme’s way and found her own body flung towards the end of the hall shattering the window.  There was nothing that could calm Esme down.  The pleadings of her daughters, for Ruby also begged her to stop, fell on deaf ears.  She immediately lunged at him, pinning him to the wall before he could even recover.  Fangs out, she dug into his neck.  She meant to drain him.  And Pandora felt it!

Cherry managed to stand back up but she stood there in complete disbelief as to what was happening, her emotions locking her in place unable to act.  Amroth moved in to try to peel his wife off of Va’lis, and as he did everyone could see her mouth full of Razele blood… dripping from her chin… she meant to kill him right there, right then.  Va’lis sprung to his feet, now pissed off at some stranger fanging him without his consent, went in for her pushing both Esme and Amroth through the wall into the bedroom.  The entire palace shook.  Va’lis clawed at her, ripping skin with each strike.  He meant to kill her.  And Pandora felt it!

Pandora went straight into what she does best and that is react when others cannot.  She moved so quickly that no one even saw a blur.  She pulled Va’lis off of Esme using her Mind Gift, pinning him to the wall on the other side of the hall and at the same time locking Esme in place, lifting her slightly to allow Amroth to slide from underneath her. Esme’s anger could not be quenched now, there would be no calm discussion.  Cherry had had enough, “STOP!!!! All of you fucking stop! This is bullshit!” Hysterically she continued as tears were falling down her face, “We’re supposed to love each other, not be at each other’s throats… LITERALLY!”  Ruby moves towards Cherry trying to soothe her sister, “She’s right. This is no way for the Spyer family to be acting!”  She puts an arm around Cherry’s waist.  Amroth agrees, moving towards Cherry to also offer some comfort.

Pandora let’s Va’lis go, because she can feel how bad he feels looking at Cherry in this moment through their bond.  Whatever anger he felt was replaced once again with guilt.  “We should go,” he said to Pandora, but looking at Cherry. Pandora agreed. Just them Esme managed to get enough control to scream at Va’lis.  “You… you get out of my house this instant! And take your trash of a mother with you!”  The entire room gasps. Va’lis’ eyes instantly flicker with fire, insulting him is one thing but Pandora is off limits. He turned around, but saw that Pandora had it under control.

Pandora moved Esme to her slowly at the same time moving toward her, setting her face to face with her.  Amroth pleaded, “Pand… please. Mercy.” Pandora wouldn’t hurt Amroth that way, no.  She knew she wouldn’t kill her in front of him. But she meant to ensure her position in this family.  “Let this be the last time I ever… ever… say this to another member of my court.  There is only room for one matriarch here. One. And that’s me.”  She then digs her nail into Esme’s face creating a deep gash, Esme squirms. “Do not disrespect me again, for I will not be this kind and I won’t care that your husband is present, that your sire-daughters are present.”  Fear finally entered Esme at that moment for they all know just how diabolical Pandora can be. “We understand each other?”  She asked.  Esme could only nod. As the blood from Esme’s face pours out, Pandora slowly licks it.  The entire room was silent.  But Va’lis… Va’lis had a smirk on his face, watching Pandora.  He thought to himself, “That’s why I love her.”

In a flash, Pandora grabs Va’lis and using her Flight Gift dashes out of the window that Cherry had shattered when Esme threw her landing softly near a very worried Carrie, who had heard the window shatter and felt the grounds shake.  She ran to Va’lis to hug him.  He returned her hug.  Not a single word was said in the ride back to the Romanus Chateau in Berlin.

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