A Girl Interrupted, Pt. 1


Carrie Parker had finally gotten her prince. She was now a married woman, a vampire yes, but also Mrs. Richard Perry. It is what she had always wanted. She had thought the events of that fateful night so long ago when Va’lis was forced to turn her had been the end of her life. In one way it had been. But in truth, nothing about her had really changed. Fundamentally, she was still Carrie. 
Carrie was smart, super smart. Graduating from Moonglow High with honors and then studying in Wind, where she met Va’lis. He had been her mentor and she had always looked up to him. She was a devoted daughter and sister and she always tried to do the right thing. She had wanted to become a teacher and one day be a professor like Va’lis. She had learned so much from him and she wanted to pay it forward.

So far being a mortal had slowed down somethings for a while, but they had not altogether put a stop to her life. She was learning to cope with everything, and doing so really well. She did not need to take mortal life, thanks to her sire-mother Cherry, so that made things very easy for her. She had learned to control the thirst, and was able to now have Rich live with her. She would soon be visiting her mother and father. And now she had with Va’lis’ permission gone to Britain to get married!

Her life was just starting to return to normal. Now, she was off to honeymoon in beautiful Zento. But happiness was cut short when Carrie found herself overpowered by a man and struck on the head. 


~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~

*in a cave on Ice Isle*

She woke up, grogily in a dark dingy cave. She could feel the cool air coming in and when she looked it was snowing. Two men stood near some kindling, both vampires. One of them seem to have command of the dire wolves that stood watch around them. The other carried double swords and dressed in studded armor, looked more like a warrior. She tried to sit up, “Where…am I?” The one nearest her replied as he put some more kindling into the fire, “No where anyone wants to be.” She demanded, “Where am I?” The other one walked up to her and backhanded her so hard she hit the ground. “No more questions,” he shouted at her.

Just then, she noticed a woman come to where they were. She could barely speak for some reason, but went straight for the warrior digging into his neck with fury. Carrie thought she was going to kill the vampire that had slapped her, that perhaps she was there to rescue her. But no. The one near her she noticed was way to calm. They knew her. As she pulled away from the neck of the stocky one she realized exactly who she was. She knew her too. She seemed to have been burnt at the throat, but was quickly healing from the blood she took from from the warrior.

She pointed to the thinner one, “Guy take her to Frank, in London. He needs to analyze her DNA. I want whatever is in her blood.” The animal master said, “What’s so special about this one?” She looked at me, “Her nothing, her blood everything.” He replied, “Why can’t Kirk go this time? There are many creatures here that interest me. I must learn of them. These there… ferocious. We want more of that.” Kirk immediately replied, “Let Guy stay, find out how we can use the creatures of this planet to our advantage. I’ll go.” She looked between them a moment.

“Fine,” she said. “And when he’s done with her let me know.”

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