Meeting the Progeny

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Flying with Lars was one thing, but flying in a huge metal bird was another. He assured me we were safe, and I had nothing to worry about. I trusted him, so I boarded what he called, a “Jet”, and let him “Buckle” me into a seat. And boy did he look content with tying me down, huh, food for thought, but that can wait until later. I felt the Jet move, I looked out the window and watched everything move by so quickly, when the Jet started to move up, my stomach moved down. My ears popped, I gripped his hand so tight, that if he wasn’t a vampire, I sure would have broken his fingers. “Lars, I’m going to kill you, by the gods, I don’t like this…” I heard him laugh and kiss my hand. “Maya, calm down, you’re alright. I’m here and I wont let anything happen to you.” I couldn’t calm down, I was trapped in a metal bird, with no escape. When the Jet few high enough he unbuckled his “Seat belt” and I hurried out of mine. I had to find a small bit of freedom. Before I knew it he had me in his arms, holding me tightly. “Its alright Maya, shhh….” I could feel myself getting calm, was that a gift? I’d have to ask him.


Lars held me in his arms the entire trip to a place called New York. I fell asleep easily and slept the whole way there. When I awoke we were already on the ground. I didn’t hesitate to get off that gods forsaken contraption. He took my hand and walked me to a big car, it was sleek, black, and long. He opened my door and I climbed in, only to see that Mika was there. We smiled at one another, I met her on Sosaria once. I liked her. “Hello Maya, did you enjoy Paris?” I nodded, “ Paris was beautiful, Lars made sure my birthday was something special to remember…..but I can do without that metal contraption that flew us here..” Mika laughed and nodded her head, “ Some people hate Planes, its alright, and a very normal reaction. You’ll get used to it with time.” I shook my head, “im good with sailing…i never want to go on another Jet again.” The car, which I learned was called a “Limousine” drove us into a big city, there were tall buildings, I was amazed at how big they got their statue!


The drive took all of a half an hour, we pulled up on a building and stopped by the door. Lars exited first then helped me out. He held me close to one side and Mika walked out in front. The place was big, all sorts of people walked around, but Lars took me into a large room, there were Seven people sitting there, staring at me curiously. I tucked myself closer into Lars, a few of them smiled, while others continued to stare me down. Lars grinned and sat Mika in a chair, he then turned to the others, “I called you all here for a reason, I wanted you to meet your New…well..will be New ..Sire sister.. Maya Scarlett….” I blinked, all of them were his Progeny?? Lars went around the table, resting a hand on each as he introduced them to me…

“This is my eldest, Ravyn.”

Victori (greek)

She had the deepest hazel eyes, pale skin, and ebony hair cropped short. She smiled and nodded to me, “Welcome Maya, once again Lars has chosen someone beautiful.” I couldn’t help but blush.

“This is Zeniya, my second.”


Zeniya was also a beauty, ebony skin, ebony hair, and deep brown eyes. She only nodded her head to me, so I nodded back.

“This is Nikki, My third..”


Nikki had long blond locks of hair, and a pouty smile on her lips. She got up from her chair and embraced me. I was shocked but I wrapped my arms around her and returned her hug. “Welcome to the family!” she then skipped back to her seat, where the others could only shake their heads.

“This is Isaac, my forth childe…”


My eyes landed on what I thought to be a god…blond hair, blue eyes, perfect lips, a chiseled jaw line and what a body I saw under those tight clothes. He winked and I felt myself turn red. Lars smirked but the look he gave me made it clear…I belonged to him and him alone. But hell, it wouldn’t stop me from staring, I was still alive!

“This is Lan, my fifth…”

kungfu woman

Lan sat there with a straight face, and eyes that stared into my very soul, I knew she was evaluating me which only made me more stubborn then what I already am. She looked like someone from Tokuno, so I bowed my head respectfully to her, and sure enough, she returned it with a look of approval on her face.

“And this is Yvette. My Seventh .”


Now Yvette held a cold look to me. Her skin wasn’t as dark as Zeniya’s, it was lighter, her hair woven into a long braid. Her somewhat green eyes stared daggers at me. I felt uneasy, but stood strong in front of them. I wasn’t about to let them see me sweat.

“This is Jack, my Eighth…”


Jack had a grin on his lips, light stubble on his cheeks, and a playful demener about him, I instantly liked him. We smiled at one another and that was that.

Lars came back to my side and held an arm around me. “And you’ve gotten to know Mika already, she was my Sixth, and now…you will be lucky number nine.” I perked an eyebrow at him…stepped back..hands on my hips, “Lucky number nine? I wonder what prize im winning.” I could hear some of the others chuckling, Lars grinned and kissed my forehead. He sat me down at the table, he called it a conference room. I was instantly bombarded with questions from the ones that accepted me, about my home, about my talents. I spoke with them all, all except Yvette. She stood silently away from us, I would have to find out why later.

I learned so much about the others, how Ravyn was a Spartan politicians daughter, who lost her husband in battle. She was a coordinator, and she was 710 years old, Zeniya was from a place called Africa, she survived the wild by herself, she was 416 years old, Nikki was a German prostitute, no wonder she was lovable! She was 397, Issac, oh that god of a man, I found out he was an expert fencer, id have to try his hand one day, he was 315 years old. Lan barely spoke but I found she was a Kung Fu master? I have no idea what that is, but it has to do with fighting, she was 298 years old. Now Jack was fun, he told me about how the country we were in now, was at war with itself and he fought to free the slaves and bring about order. His animated talking made me giggle and laugh. He was 139 years old. Yvette still did not speak, but she was with Jack during the war, or at least she was one of the slaves he was trying to help free. She was just a year older, 140.

We all spoke for hours, until Lars rested a hand on my leg, “We have to head back to Paris tonight my beauty.” I was only a bit disappointed. I wanted to talk to them all more. Nikki grabbed me up in another tight hug, “We’ll see you again soon! Lars will NOT keep you from us!” she gave him a pointed look, to which he just grinned and shook his head, “I wouldn’t dream of keeping your new sister away…for very long.” Mika grabbed my hand and led me to the door while Lars said his goodbyes to the others. “They all love you! You make such a perfect addition to the family.” I smiled to Mika and hugged her. “they’re all so nice, I honestly cant wait. I hope Cherry gives her permission soon…but don’t tell Lars, he’ll get a bigger head then he already has…” We slid into the long car giggling. I knew I made a friend in Mika. After a while Lars FINALLY got into the car and we raced back to the Jet, once again I felt nauseous It wasn’t the flying that bothered me, it was the fact I had no way out of that tin can. Guess that meant another ride in his lap!……..

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