Meeting the Progeny

Flexjet 25 Jet Card Program Adds Premium Perks to Enhance Luxury Jet Travel

Flying with Lars was one thing, but flying in a huge metal bird was another. He assured me we were safe, and I had nothing to worry about. I trusted him, so I boarded what he called, a “Jet”, and let him “Buckle” me into a seat. And boy did he look content with tying me down, huh, food for thought, but that can wait until later. I felt the Jet move, I looked out the window and watched everything move by so quickly, when the Jet started to move up, my stomach moved down. My ears popped, I gripped his hand so tight, that if he wasn’t a vampire, I sure would have broken his fingers. “Lars, I’m going to kill you, by the gods, I don’t like this…” I heard him laugh and kiss my hand. “Maya, calm down, you’re alright. I’m here and I wont let anything happen to you.” I couldn’t calm down, I was trapped in a metal bird, with no escape. When the Jet few high enough he unbuckled his “Seat belt” and I hurried out of mine. I had to find a small bit of freedom. Before I knew it he had me in his arms, holding me tightly. “Its alright Maya, shhh….” I could feel myself getting calm, was that a gift? I’d have to ask him.

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A Birthday Adventure…..


I awoke with my entire body aching and the feeling of two strong arms wrapped around me. I smiled as I remembered the night. Never could I ever have imagined pure pleasure and power of being dominated by an enigma that is Lars Spy. I was not in love with him, far from it actually, but I felt a strong connection to him. I call him my dearest friend, and what a friend he is. After the first night that he made love to me I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be his, I wanted to become Immortal and live for eternity doing all the good I could possible do. Prevent monsters from taking the lives of innocent people…hurting them..No, I would live forever insuring I can stop the evil in this world and the next.

I felt Lars’ lips press against my neck softly, a smile crept onto my lips as I turned in his arms to face him. By the gods he was beautiful, I had no regrets giving him my innocence.

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