Rescue from Darkness

Dark-Art_death_lichIt was time.

Time for the assault on the Lich, deep within the Abyss. Pandora was there. I…We… were certain of it. Marius and myself had glimpsed the place within my traitorous childes blood, but who knows how long ago that knowledge came to him. But still, we were certain.

It had only been a few days after my revival, and here I was throwing myself into a battle yet again. Typical. Pandora. . . Only for you would I do this.

Passerby would have merely seen the group gathered out front the Brew, perhaps they would think we were the last patrons of the night merely closing our conversations. Well now, that would be half right. For all off topic ramblings ceased, and a tenseness settled over all. Marius was eager. Too eager. I would have to keep an eye on him. Lest his desire for Pandora bring ruin to us all. Brelynn, his daughter. . . She is young and I am hesitant about bringing her along. Cherry, Harvey and the one I know very little about, Morgasse.  They were older, more experienced. But would it be enough?

I have fought this evil before, skirmish battles. Nothing standing for more than several minutes. I know what to expect. With a deep reluctance, I pass out a weapon that will help everyone survive.


The same substance that destroys, would now allow us to get past the damnable shielding spells that Dark Wisps are so fond of using. Otherwise well, I doubt we would last the night. Ensuring everyone was prepared for what needed to be done. . . We set off. Into danger, into darkness. Into the Abyss. Lesser undead attempted to stop us as we drew near to the lair of the Lich, but the dragons of Brelynn, Harvey and Cherry made short work of them. Minor injuries were suffered though, cuts and burns. Nothing that a few moments could not handle.  And with a final push, we stood in the pathway leading to our goal. One could taste it in the air. The nervousness, the anxiety…and yes, even fear.

With a word we charged, and with a word. . . we began a fight in hell. Our spells shattered the stillness and lit the area with bursts of flame and energy. The dragons threw fire across wide areas, incinerating hordes of enemies at a time. Marius did not endanger us as I thought, and I kept a careful eye upon Brelynn. I would not be there to rescue Pandora, only to have to inform her of her daughter’s death. Suddenly, a brief pause settled upon us. Moments ticked by and we glanced around.

Where was our enemy?

That was when the battle took a turn. We were scattered amongst the castle, fighting individual battles when the minions suddenly changed. Cries of pain filled the air. Strong as we are, we can only take so much. Cherry, Harvey, Morgasse and Marius retreated to the castle throne room. Brelynn was however trapped near the altar, cornered by the advancing abominations. Fueled by anger, I broke their line. Giving her a chance to flee to the relative safety of her family. We were all exhausted by this point, mentally… not physically. When would this end?

Several more charges were made upon our group, and still we held. An unnatural roar filled the entire cavern. . . followed by an unearthly laugh. Our foe had finally shown his face. What manner of life did this Lich have in its prior life? It knew spells that even we knew nothing of. The dragons tore into its flanks, bathing the thing in flame. I stood back, forcing every last bit of remaining power I had into my spells. We were desperate. This battle…one of the toughest I have ever been involved in ended as violently as it began. A dragon ripped its head off, anothers jaws closed about its torso and let both halves fall to the tiled floor.

It was over. Their… our struggle… was over.

A brief rest and our search began in earnest. We left no stone unturned. No corner unexplored. Until we found her. Pandora, the one who believed there was so much more to me. We found her at last. She was starved, that much was obvious. Deprived of family and everything else that she so needed. It had taken its toll on her. She took sustenance from Marius, even though Brelynn offered. And as she came to her senses slowly, she saw me. Maybe she thought I was a hallucination. Maybe a ghost. But she grabbed onto me nonetheless. Unsure of proper protocol… I did nothing to end it.

Their family reunited… We all couldn’t help but smile a tad. It was when the Lich’s remaining minions began to seek us out for vengeance that we left. Returned to the surface, returned to her family. Pandora was safe once more. We all went separate ways. Some to heal, some to think and myself. . . I returned to my home. Worried of what will happen now that those who betrayed me know I am returned once more.

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