The Journey to the Truth Is So Much Sweeter

marcus_bitesThe gift that I had acquired for Va’lis was Davian Pasteur.  We had had him extradited to Vamp’s Lair from our fortress in Night Island off the coast of the Keys in Florida back on Earth. He was not told of our plans to resurrect his former master, so obviously when Va’lis Razele walked in the door of our prison floor, the shocked look on his face was genuine. He knew he would meet his end.

Davian backed up against the wall as his master stepped forward… the fear in him palpitated throughout the room. Excitement seemed to grab a hold of Merida, Va’lis other progeny, while Isonu looked indifferent. Amroth looked like he was holding back from doing the job himself. Once Va’lis grabbed Davian by the throat and lifted him into the wall, indenting the concrete hecatolite wall behind Davian with his rage and strength, I knew it was over for him.

Va’lis did not hesitate. Fangs dug deep, viciously, and swiftly.  I took my chance. I needed the release that would come from taking this insolate, petty, puny excuse for a vampire’s life. I joined Va’lis and together we drained him completely… taking from him his most current memories and we could see clearly now. One of the others, the one the call Sarkhan, had visited him just outside of the building we held him in, using his blood bond to communicate just prior to our removal of Davian from Sosaria to Night Island.  From that exchange, we saw where they were keeping Pandora… it was a large castle, torn, tattered, and run down.  An ancient of great power rules within it… and it seems that it is a Lich King… not a vampire. These ancient vampires were working for him, searching the lands for the Vampire Queen: Akasha.  Until a more substantial power became his new focus… the sword.

Va’lis dragged the body outside and Amroth could not contain it anymore. He used his fire gift and set him ablaze. I ordered Isonu to gather the ashes and scattered them to the four seas… no resurrection to be an option.


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