Strangers in the Dawn


Strangers, ancients… they’ve come to take them, my love. As I write this, they are burning Lola and her children from their coffins in the break of the dawn’s light. The twins were sent away, fleeing for their safety. No one must know what they are. I tried to fend them off from the Pallisades palace, but to no avail. My injuries are far too grave, ground I would need, but no time is left. I have no other recourse, I am turning myself over. I let them take me now to buy us some time; take me to fight another day. They desire our relinquishment of our Queen and her King. How they know we are their keepers, I do not know. These ancients were powerful, as powerful as you and I. They had slaves, half-breed slaves that did their bidding. Never have I seen that many half-breeds, especially in this world.

You must take them away from Earth, take them to the safe undergrounds of Umbra in Sosaria. If they find Those Who Must Be Kept, we risk the demise of our entire kind. If we loose Enkil, our powers will be severely hindered. The half-breeds that they control will be as powerful or perhaps even more so than us without Enkil’s influence. They cannot awaken Akasha, for she fears no human. Our immortal world would be discovered and we will become the hunted. We must protect her, her and him in their eternal slumber, for the sake of all our kind.

I know you shall find me. Our love is too strong; it will call to you.


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