Extended leave of absence… through 2012.

CoD, and the majority of its players, is taking a leave of absence from UO until the beginning of 2013.  Several factors chime into this decision.  One, most of the players that are playing WoW in addition to UO have seen updates to that game that are keeping them pushing for server first records and so on.  Secondly, my duties as GM of TLP have taken me deeper into the realm of Rift. We just did a server transfer to see if the game will be viable for us to stay in, if not we are returning to our previous games. UO will always be there, the community will always be the same, there are no worries about UO.

On a personal note, I have been searching for work for some time now; since the tragedy of the death of my best friend Luke.  I am still in that search but my finances are suffering greatly.  So I am having to cycle through my accounts, that hold the properties for Vamp City and more, in order to save some money.  Right now only the Pandora account shall remain active — all others are cycled through. Also my family is having tons of parties and dinner during these holidays, so I am just not able to juggle much time for various games at the moment.

We will see you next year and have a happy merry holiday Christmas season and an amazing New Year’s Eve!  – Pandy

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