Its time to train. And I am a no bullshit kinda girl when it comes to training.

Called out to Va’lis, telling him to bring his armor.  Of course when he saw me on Ichabod in full armor, he knew.  It was time. I have to ensure he can fight against us; the Earthen vampires. It important that he learn how to counter the vampiric abilities that we have.  The Draconians have them,  and used them against him, so better be prepared.

Right off the bat, we started with the Mind Gift. It’s a tough gift to break but like everything, it has it’s weaknesses.  One of which is distance. The further away your target it the less you will be able to impact your actions on it, thus … in fighting it, distance is key.  It usually takes 20 meters to be able to break free of it.  So if you get caught in it, move.  Also it takes focus and concentration to use the Mind Gift, thus if that is interrupted… well you can guess the rest.

So I went at him, freezing him in place a short 5 meters from me. Of course, he growled and groaned… to no avail.  The night went on and on testing range and Ichabod knew to test my interruption; which gave him the chance to practice enough to get my range down pat.  I told him he’d need to do that with every vampire, as the range varies.


We finished off the training with some hand to hand combat training, and I must say, Va’lis needs help in that.  Without his magic, he’s in trouble.  Of course, he’d like to have all of us believe that there is nothing that cannot be done with magic. But we cannot solely rely on the external assistance of magic or gifts. If they are hampered in anyway, we’re left with our hands…. and that is something that all my progeny learn.

After a long night of consistently… beating each other up,  we headed into the Broken Mountains.  Sparring always sets me off.  Ask Marius. And… of course the bond heightens those emotions. So Va’lis and I ended up horizontal on the cave floor, naked.  I’ve started to show him a more animalistic side of me,  which seems to completely turn him on.  He wants more of me every day, and I feel the bond intensifying.  While I love the bond between us and the walls that seem to be crumbling down, I worry that we’ve become so close that when we break this bond, it will throw us both into depression.  A depressed vampire is a dangerous one.

Marius has me giving him double doses of my blood and soon he will be attempting the Kickstart Serum on Va’lis soon.  I am worried.  So I’ve taken extra precautions and have been secretly escaping to the Throne Room.  Of course,  Akasha and Enkil are complete statues right now; dormant as they should be.  But Enkil has taken to certain movements when I am around, there seems to be a bond forming with our King.  If anything he’s curious.  It has allowed me to speak to him, tell him my worries… he seems to listen because he’s letting drink from him.  I am not sure if Akasha knows… but if she does, she hasn’t destroyed me yet.  I know its a huge risk, but for Va’lis I’ll do whatever it takes.  I cannot loose him now. Not now, not ever.


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