Psychotic Confusion

After our first date there was another…and another. Ivan introduced me to all of his school friends and his family.

Jasmine was so much different then the rest of her family. She was calm and so elegant. Her hair so soft and dark. Her eyes so green it was captivating. I enjoyed her company.

His best friend, Liam Silvers was a funny boy, sixteen and had the fairest blond hair. He made me laugh with his goofiness and the way Ivan and he interacted was hysterical.

Ivan and I had a relaxing afternoon on Saturday by the beach. When he took his shirt off and jumped into the water my heart stuttered.

Oh my was I a lucky girl to have him as mine. We spent hours just being teenagers, something I was never able to do before. Something I love doing now. He brought out the best of me.

After our afternoon out I returned to the orphanage with my friends. Lately I’ve noticed a few things wrong with the adults around me. They were too flawless, their skin ice cold. In Nujel’m I had learned about the undead, I wondered…

I questioned Rowan who told me a bold face lie, no one can be that cold, even if they lived in cold places. Another thing, they didn’t have a pulse! No heartbeat! One of my best friends lied to me! I couldn’t even. I left the roof where they were all gathered and sat outside carving as I usually do. Not even five minutes later Miss Piper, Rowan and Zachary came outside with me. Miss Piper sat beside me and took a deep breath. She explained to me that she was a vampire, that most of Umbra was. Finally some answers! I wasn’t scared. How could I be? They saved my live and allowed me a better one. Then something hit me. “Miss Piper….if your a vampire…what is Ivan?” Honestly the answer terrified me. But would it change my love for him? Miss Piper thought a moment before she explained, “when ah was ah young girl…ah was ah witch…an’ ah become ah demonic one…me soul was given tah ah demon…ah ‘ad two children wit’ ‘im…Jasmine an Ivan.” My heart stopped and dropped into my stomach. I felt the contents of my dinner coming up. My boyfriend a demon spawn? I couldn’t handle it, I ran away into the orphanage and to the bathroom. I threw up violently and then sat by the tub and cried hard. My heart broke. How could I look at him the same way? But then…he’s so sweet to me…he’s there for me. I couldn’t think. I couldnt breath.

The hours after were spent with Rowan and Ariok consoling me. They ran me a hot bath and talked me down. Until Ariok’s…new girlfriend I guess we can call her…Cassadee came in and found us. She made Ariok leave and let me dress.

She then stayed to talk to me about what I just found out about them. “This family is indeed..vampires. Now that you know I must hold you to this secret. Should anything spill and we’re found out..we could all die.” I took her hand and smiled. “Don’t worry, the secret is safe with me.” We spoke about everything that night before she let me lay down and sleep, I was restless.

Hours into the night I could hear a tap at the window, were they pebbles? I walked to the window and saw him.

Ivan, handsome as ever, holding a buquet of roses, red roses. I froze for a moment. I saw him motion me down to him and I couldn’t resist. I quickly threw my coat on and tip toed down to him, carefull not to awaken the orphans or the sleeping guards. He took my hand and led me away to the city. We took a gate to britain. He led me to his apartment he rents outside the city. He handed me the flowers and kissed me softly. I couldn’t stop the words from leaving my mouth. “You’re a demon…” I felt him freeze. He took a step back with a lost expression in his face. He stayed silent. “Are you trying to take my soul or something…are you playing games with me? Why didn’t you tell me?!” Ivan sighed and sat on his chair By the fireplace. “I don’t usually tell anyone that… scares people away. But no Amira, I’m with you because I love you…I’ve …I’ve never felt this before…you’re my one. You’re the one I want to be with. Please…don’t leave me because of how I was born..” tears streaked my face. “I..barely trust anyone….but I trust you.. Ivan I love you… I ..I want no secrets between more.” He crossed the room and took me into his arms. He kissed me passionately with the promise there would be no secrets. I fell into his arms and he led me to his bedroom, kissing my eyes, my neck, my chest. He laid me down on his soft silky sheets and undressed me slowly, taking his time to worship every inch of me. He made love to me that night, over and over, I fell deeper in love.

The morning came swiftly as I laid in his warm arms, nothing between us and our hearts open to one another. He stroked my hair and kissed my forhead. A smile perminantly placed on my face. “Amira, my beautiful Ami…there isn’t a thing in the world I wouldn’t do for you. Name it and it is yours.” I looked up into his beautiful eyes and smiled. “Love me, forever. And I’ll be happy.” He grinned and held me close. “A promise I will keep forever.” I giggled and had a thought. “Is this your true form?” Ivan hesitated before anwering. “It is my mortal form…I do have a demonic one.” My next statement shocked even me. “Show me.”

Ivan sighed and Rose from the bed. His naked form more beautiful to me then anything else in the world. The red winged tattoo on his back showed to me. “Are you sure Amira. …I don’t want to scare you..” I smiled. “No secrets. No fear.” He sighed and his body began to change. His tanned skin became dark, a dark red. His hair fell out the tie that held it together and grew longer…course. black horns grew from his head, curling around like goat horns would. I jumped back as red wings, 6 foot on either side sprung from his back. He turned to me, his face the same only darker. His eyes became a blood red, but held the love for me in them.

I tied the blanket around myself. My whole body shook with fear and nerves. I stood and slowly went to him. He stood perfectly still for me as I approached him. My hands began to wander and explore at their own accord. His skin was hot and more muscular then his mortal form. I felt his hair…his wings…I scared myself in that moment I realized I loved this form as well as the other. He felt that and wrapped the wings around me to bring me closer to him. What a feeling it was. No words were expressed, he dropped that sheet from my body and made love to me again. I wouldn’t change this for the world, but oh would I have some explaining to do to Rowan and Ariok about being missing for days……..

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