The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 5

hotel-four-seasons-london-ukAhhh a familiar face, “Hello my darling,” I said as I kissed Bianca’s cheek. She smiled and kissed my cheek right back m, then ran to Merida and enveloped her in her arms. Merida and Bianca were still very close. Matter of fact it was Merida that refused to sign the divorce papers back in Sosaria where plural marriages were allowed.  I assume if Bianca wanted to marry again or found love of her own, Merida would reconsider. The toddlers of course immediately recognized their Auntie Bianca and embraced her. Bianca was a natural with children and had trained as a midwife many centuries ago.

Marius looked at her, and Bianca felt his stare upon her so she stood up and faced her sire. “Bianca,” he said. “Don’t ruin the moment by speaking Marius,” she said as she went to hug him. She lingered a bit fighting back tears. Her love for him had never faltered, it had never subsided, not even for me. Marius held her softly and didn’t let her go.

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A Break from the Family


I think its time to return to the planet of my birth, to forsake all others and wander the streets that are so familiar to me.  My heart so heavy with the events that have recently unfolded in Sosaria… so much death there… my soul feels tainted.

The love that Marius has clearly displayed for the young Mary Drown chips away at any happiness that I felt being so close to him.  I could deal with Pandora, well… somewhat deal.  But to add to that, it is just too much.

I tried to seek my own passions, focusing on my budding business that I will surely continue with all the designer friends that I have back on Earth.  But even that couldn’t keep my despair hidden. 

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