The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 5

hotel-four-seasons-london-ukAhhh a familiar face, “Hello my darling,” I said as I kissed Bianca’s cheek. She smiled and kissed my cheek right back m, then ran to Merida and enveloped her in her arms. Merida and Bianca were still very close. Matter of fact it was Merida that refused to sign the divorce papers back in Sosaria where plural marriages were allowed.  I assume if Bianca wanted to marry again or found love of her own, Merida would reconsider. The toddlers of course immediately recognized their Auntie Bianca and embraced her. Bianca was a natural with children and had trained as a midwife many centuries ago.

Marius looked at her, and Bianca felt his stare upon her so she stood up and faced her sire. “Bianca,” he said. “Don’t ruin the moment by speaking Marius,” she said as she went to hug him. She lingered a bit fighting back tears. Her love for him had never faltered, it had never subsided, not even for me. Marius held her softly and didn’t let her go.

“First order of business is situating in London. The cars will arrive any minute to bring us to our private jets that will fly is to Oxford airport; Heaththrow being off limits to us for very obvious reasons,” Marius stated. “Accommodations for us have been established at the Four Season at Park Lane, with exclusive rights to both Presidential Suites and all suites in the top 4 floors. Saphi baby you get the Princess Room in the Garden Suite since we’ll also be celebrating your birthday,” Marius said with a smile as he looked at my daughter who currently occupied her favorite uncle Lestat’s arms. Saphi cheesed back at her Papa Marius, “I get a pony!” She couldn’t stop making a fuss about getting her own horse. Of course, I obliged. Caved in like the San Andreas fault line. “Why yes you do,” Marius winked. Merida and I both knew that bringing the children would keep Marius’ spirits up.

We all headed out and took the short flight over the Channel to London, arriving right at sundown. An important fact as we traveled with Carrie and Merida, who were still fairly young and susceptible to the harsh sun of our solar system. A fact we often forget if we spend too much time in Sosaria where the sun isn’t as close. We made sure to douse them both with heavy sunscreen.

Upon our arrival, we knew one of the Presidential Suites was taken. And of course we knew by whom. Maharet walked up to us to greet us with Khayman in tow behind her. She said hello to everyone but immediately wrapped her arms around my wife. Khayman also greeted Merida quite uncharacteristically affectionate for him. What can I say my wife has a special brand of charm she exudes.

“They’ll be expecting us to check in,” Maharet said with a cool calm voice. Pandora let out a sigh, “So soon?” Maharet nodded as David Talbot walked in. He was serving us as our lawyer and advisor alongside Natasha, who had strolled up alongside him. “We ready?” He asked.

Marius answered, “Let’s get this over with.” We urged Carrie to stay with the kids, more for her protection then the kids. We did not want her to be exposed to or see any of the Draconians until she absolutely had to. She did, her and Rich both stayed with them.

We all packed into the secret underground lair where the tribunal offices were and as soon as we pour out of the elevator and started walking… there they were, David, Zeeke, Danielle, Guy, Frank, Altais, Blasphemy, and her two half-breed children along with the incestious pair, Zeeke’s once mortal children, who seemed too bored with everything.

All of the sudden Zeeke unveils her cloak, revealing her shriveled up self as if to evoke an emotion of pity from any of us. Marius just chuckled and said, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that if you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned?”

The rage in Zeeke took over…



– Armand

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