Kindred Unity

The sun had just come down and I stood in front of my bed, where Marius still laid on the other side.  On my side of the bed laid several outfits.

I, looking from one outfit to another, looked up at Marius, “Which one do you think?” Marius dropped the papers he was skimming through, looked at me and said, “Honestly darling, its a market… at Red Skull Bay no doubt… I do not believe anyone is going to bother to take notice.” I put my hands on my hips and exclaimed, “Hmph…” I picked the black lace and silk dress with red velvet trim and walked towards the wash room to change.  Marius continued his reading. When I came out just a few minutes later, Marius put his reading aside, stood up from the bed and walked over to me as I was looking in the dresser mirror.  He bent down next to my chair, sitting on the back of his heels and wrapped his arms around my waist.  With his right hand, he ran his fingers through the back of my neck, separating my hair from the pale, stiff skin.  At his touch, I froze in place looking at him through the mirror.

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