Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 13

Taranis sat on a hilltop overlooking the lands where he would have been born had things gone differently.  Fog drifted across the meadow below  and through the forests beyond, lending a certain ethereal beauty, though some apparently considered such days to be gloomy.  He came here often to think when on Earth and it relaxed him.

His reverie was shattered by a sudden sense of panic from Astoria.  Before she came into his life, such as it was, panic and many other basic human experiences were foreign concepts to him.  Taranis traveled swiftly through the spirit world toward her, arriving just in time to see the woman who had taught him the meaning of love being drained of life.  In that moment, unable to manifest physically in this world, Taranis McKairin came to understand a new feeling:  helplessness.

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