Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 13

Taranis sat on a hilltop overlooking the lands where he would have been born had things gone differently.  Fog drifted across the meadow below  and through the forests beyond, lending a certain ethereal beauty, though some apparently considered such days to be gloomy.  He came here often to think when on Earth and it relaxed him.

His reverie was shattered by a sudden sense of panic from Astoria.  Before she came into his life, such as it was, panic and many other basic human experiences were foreign concepts to him.  Taranis traveled swiftly through the spirit world toward her, arriving just in time to see the woman who had taught him the meaning of love being drained of life.  In that moment, unable to manifest physically in this world, Taranis McKairin came to understand a new feeling:  helplessness.


imageAfter leaving the little prisoner, Astoria, I felt David call to me. I smile and rush to his side. “You beckoned me..oh brother dearest?” He smiled adoring at me. How could he not, I am fucking adorable! “I have another job for you Danielle, the woman is not yet broken, we need to fix this. Take this and get close to her kids. I want you to finish breaking her.” he handed me a video camera. I smiled wickedly, I gave David a kiss on the cheek and skipped off to do as he asked.

I am damn good at what I do. I quickly left to the gate to sosaria, using the flight gift and flew to the location of Meridas beother, his wife and the children. Oh how i wanted to grab the boy and sink my blade deep into his chest. I urned to suck his very life’s blood..every drop until he shrank and I could watch him burn. The whole while doing this in front his helpless new born wife and child. But not yet, I would get my chance soon enough. For now I stay masked outside of the home. I turned the video camera on and taped the little children playing happily together, the little new born woman watching. Them scamper..Isonu came soon to play with them. They seemed the perfect little family…it made me gag. I had just enough and quickly made my get away.

I happily flew back to my brother showing him the footage. He nodded and I took my leave down to the cell the little chit was in. on the way I was met by Kirk..if there were anyone else I loved more then David it was my big brother Kirk, my shield, my protector. he understood my glee and followed me down to watch me work. When I arrived the woman..Merida was propped against the bars…blood streaked fave..and a cold look. “ someone lonely? I have a gift for you…” I stooped down with the camera and faced it towards her to see. I pressed play..I could see the fear and panic in her eyes as she watched her children and brother and niece play. “Just look at that..aren’t they the picture of perfection? The boy is so handsome. Antonio is it?” I watched her eyes snap to a fierce fire. I laughed. “I think I might kill the boy myself. Drain his innocent little body of his blood..and rip his little arms off and feed it to the wolves. And all while you’re watching…” Merida screamed..”don’t you dare touch my son you bitch! I will fucking burn you! ” I yelled back at her. “Then fucking give David what he wants!!!! Or else I will personally fuck you’re life right the hell up!!” my voice went quiet..”starting with little Antonio..” Merida fell crying..I could hear her whisper softly..”I will..dont…please don’t hurt my children…bring me to him…bring me to David.” Yes…I am damn good at what I do.

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