The Blackrock’s Power

blackrockThe Children gathered at our new coven’s headquarters. Pandora awaited my presence with angst; looking at her watch several times. I had to go to the Catacombs to retrieve a special object that we had been entrusted with. It was time to show the coven what we were up against.

Once I returned, everyone noticed that I carried a long object wrapped in blankets and covered in an old leather hilt. I handed the entire package to Pandora, she then removed the object from the old hilt, and unwrapped it. Revealing a sword, glowing with red specks throughout it. I backed away from it.

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The Others

black_swordIsonu had come to us in search of refuge. His tale told the story of how Va’lis Razele succumbed to the powerful allure of dark magic that had been somehow fused into a rare artifact known as “The Blackrock Sword”. Now it all made sense to me, his affinity for blackrock and its explosive powers… the mineral was used to in essence fuel the sword’s power.

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