The Others

black_swordIsonu had come to us in search of refuge. His tale told the story of how Va’lis Razele succumbed to the powerful allure of dark magic that had been somehow fused into a rare artifact known as “The Blackrock Sword”. Now it all made sense to me, his affinity for blackrock and its explosive powers… the mineral was used to in essence fuel the sword’s power.

That night, Isonu had entrusted Marius with the care of this sword, per Va’lis’ final instructions. He had also entrusted the care of Va’lis’ two guardians, Maleki and Mortiki, to me. The sword was placed deep in the Catacombs’ third layer, which housed a high security vault. And I entrusted the care of the animals so beloved by Va’lis to Ormand, the stablehand in Umbra. Funny that these animals had taken such a piece of my heart, after the injuries she suffered at their claws on Va’lis’ command. I always felt as if there had been more to Va’lis, other than his evil and power-hungry ways, that somehow I could save him from himself. But alas, that moment had passed.

As Isonu told us of how he had been made Kindred, why he had been made Kindred, and the others alongside him that were also made Kindred, they knew they had to keep the sword absolutely safe. They also knew those that had had no fealty to Va’lis’ would come looking for it. Isonu seemed to have been a trusted progeny of Va’lis’ and he seemed honorable enough. Of course he would have to prove his loyalty to his new coven family.

Tales of a farmhouse in Skara Brae that had had its inhabitants slaughtered by this band of villians had surfaced, and Isonu had gone to investigate. Nothing fruitful came of it; it was as these four beings just up and disappeared. Now the coven leaders were being told that Ter Mur had spotted a band of four odd individuals that were seeking the “former home of Va’lis Razele”… this we must investigate.

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