The Blackrock’s Power

blackrockThe Children gathered at our new coven’s headquarters. Pandora awaited my presence with angst; looking at her watch several times. I had to go to the Catacombs to retrieve a special object that we had been entrusted with. It was time to show the coven what we were up against.

Once I returned, everyone noticed that I carried a long object wrapped in blankets and covered in an old leather hilt. I handed the entire package to Pandora, she then removed the object from the old hilt, and unwrapped it. Revealing a sword, glowing with red specks throughout it. I backed away from it.

“This is the object that drove Va’lis Razele to the brink of insanity.” Pandora exclaimed. Everyone took a gasp and awe’d at the sword that Pandora now wielded in her hands. She explained that its power, utterly useless to a woman, worked deep and dark possesive elements when wielded by a man. That this was the reasoning for Va’lis’ maddening horrors that he had expelled unto the world. And that Val’is had indeed learned to bend the sword’s power to his will… that power fueled by the dark explosive element known as blackrock. The more blackrock you kept near the sword, the stronger its power fueled your veins. But also the stronger you had to be to control it.

She further explained that Va’lis had sired five mortals from all walks of life to work with him as his assistants. They would run experiments with the blackrock mineral, but Va’lis chose to only share with one of his assistant the true meaning of all his tasks; Isonu. And that proved to be a smart move… as Isonu was the only one that did not turn against his sire, as the others did. Now with Va’lis gone to his true death, these others were seeking to find his trade journals. The notes and writings of a mad man that would give so many new and potentially deadly uses to blackrock.

But, according to Isonu, Va’lis was no fool. He scattered these journals in hidden areas deep within the realm of Sosaria… places that one may not think would be associated with Va’lis in any way. But Isonu was not priviledged enough to learn the whereabouts of these journals… Va’lis took their secret locations to his grave. And seeing as how the others think the journals are of large importance, it is this they seek to find. They know not of the existence of the sword, nor how its related to the blackrock mentioned. However, the journals themselves do mention the sword; mention its power and also how to manipulate it.

These journals must not be found! Or if found, only by those in our family… as we can keep the artifact safe and away from evil hands. Isonu was entrusted to deliver this sword to us, because Va’lis saw the good that we, as vampires, intend for the world. It was his last dying wish for us to keep it safe! We must stop these thieves and murderers from ever acquiring such dark, vicious knowledge.

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