Trade Center’s Grand Opening, July 11th, 8 PM EST

Trade Center of UmbraWe are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the new Trade Center of Umbra on Monday, July 11th, at 8 PM EST.  This market will be the grand center of all trade for our Role Playing community. The premise of this shop is to buy, sell, and trade items for SILVER in a fashion that promotes role playing.  Silver will help to create our own, more realistic, RP currency.  Not many common folk of the day walked around with loads of gold pieces lying about… copper and silver pieces were more frequently used.

The focus of the shop is NOT what items you have to sell, but rather HOW you are selling them.  Some of our featured shops will be creatively selling items that may or may not be of normal economic value, but to a person living in the times of Sosaria would be useful and sought after.  Items would normally be sold for a few pieces of silver.

The following shops are confirmed and will more than likely make regular appearances on Market Day:

– Izznet (Flower/Plants Shop — OR another creative idea of hers!)
– Sindee (Armor Shop)
– Ravven (Armor/Imbue Shop)
– Pandora (Inscription Shop)
– Jade (Furniture Shop)
– Amroth (Jewlery Shop)
– Mare Jade (Shoe Shop)
– Bianca Solderini (Fine Cloth Shop)

If you are interested in selling your wares (whatever they may be) please contact me by placing an “in character” application (a book detailing about you, what you’re selling, and why it would be appealing to our customers) in the mailbox located at our Trade Center.  The Trade Center is located just north of the West Gate bridge of the great city of Umbra.

Trade Center of Umbra Location

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