Of Magic and Dragons


Sighing, he walked forward towards her. His long hair pulled back in a ponytail for the time being, Brelynn had thought it looked rather silly on him. That was, until the training started. The moment he began throwing spell after spell? Everything suddenly lost its humor. The ponytail was the least of her worries.

“You aren’t concentrating Bre.” Leaning on the black staff he carried, Va’lis looked down at her as she sat upon the coarse sand. “That last Energy Bolt was at half strength and easily blockable.”

They were going on the third hour now, and she had barely made progress. It began simply, dodging fireballs and similar spells. Learning how to counter them while enhancing her own. But when energy bolts started raining down around her, she realized this wasn’t a game to him. Magic was the core of his existance, and he would not show mercy. She had the bruises and burns to show that.

“We, are going to start again now. And we’re not stopping until you’ve managed to stop five in a row.”

She looked up, horror-struck. Five?! She couldn’t stop one and he wanted five! Her jaw clenched, determination and refusal intermingling as one.


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