Reflections and Recollections: Part 1

valis-razele_kit-harington_3Dancing light played upon the walls before them. Warmth radiating outwards as the flames consumed the logs and while the wind roared past outside, inside Naomi was content and unafraid.

Curled up upon her grandfathers lap, her head pressed against his chest as she played with the ankh he wore. She smiled, it was such a pretty thing and Va’lis had promised her one of her very own when she was older.

They had been this way for the past hour, the only movement was her own as she switched to a new spot and struggled to stay awake. Isonu and Venora had taken Yukina to speak with some important person in Tokuno. Luckily, she grinned to herself, she had managed to get Va’lis to come by and watch her.

Studying his face always made her wonder for at times it was hard and cold as stone, and others it was soft and gentle towards her. She was glad he was safe, but she also knew he could take care of himself. He was strong, stronger than Isonu and she knew her father trained for hours on end every day.

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candle-burning-lowEyes darker than obsidian gazed back at himself from the mirror, it had been days since he last fed and the low flickering light of the nearby candle throwing shadows across the emotionless face as he slowly hung up his cloak and armor. Blues and blacks, several shades of each, had never before so clearly illustrated his mood today. A new threat, wary allies and always his own wariness.

How long would it be until he could have the peace he so craved? How long had it been since he’d gone a year without some new upstart trying to shatter apart the reality he wanted? Too long.

The house was still unlit for the most part, the weak Malas sun illuminating it as best it could. He made no sound as he moved throughout it so as not to wake Cherry from her slumber. She needed the rest more than he did what with the threats against the family. She worked too hard, it would be her undoing. Giving her the best gift he could right now, he made his way upstairs into the nursery quietly. A room he had begun spending more and more time in as of late.

A chair pulled in front of a portrait on the wall awaited him. He took it, and the bottle of wine from beneath it and gazed up into the eyes of the image before taking his first sip.

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The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 10

cherry-seated-sexyI hate waiting on things. Most of the time anyway, especially for things like this. I get anxious when I am forced to wait. And so to pass the time, I began pacing. Back and forth while the others sat around or spoke with one another. I was determined to leave a worn area upon the floor.

Cherry of course was watching me, perhaps wondering what I was thinking. Not that I deserved her thoughts after I wronged her, I know I fucked up but I did want to fix things. It is just hard for me to admit such weakness. Often I doubt that I deserved her love in the first place. So many worries and so little time, one at a time Va’lis… One at a time.

My pacing continued and still her eyes watched me, Carrie watched as well and I could feel her worry from across the room. Another I wronged, and if I had been a better sire perhaps none of this would have happened. I could have forbidden her to marry him so soon after she was brought into this life. She was young and learning still, but instead I gave her what she wanted. Not what she needed.

Another mistake.

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The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 2

marius-waits-for-valisIt was late as he arrived in Umbra, having waited till the last possible moment as usual has that tendency.Work in Moonglow was keeping him busy these days and though the pirate threat was passing for the time being, there was always more yet to do. But this, this was more important and the city could manage a few days without him.

His approach was quiet, calculated even, each foot placed precisely before moving on. He thought back as he made his way towards where he knew the others would be. He thought back to all the times Marius had helped him out.

Believing in him, helping him to save Carrie. refusing to allow him things that would endanger those he cared for. The simple things really, such small actions that would echo throughout his mind as monumental moments later on. Marius was there when he needed it.

And now he would be there for when Marius needed it.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 5

valis-shotAs we made our way through the water, Marius kept pulling me back by shoulder and checking my speed. Did he not understand my desire to get Carrie out of the hell hole she was held in? Did he not sense my anger at those who dared took what was mine? A side glance back into his face showed me that he did indeed know how I felt.

That was why he was doing as he was.

Cherry however, took the lead for a short while. Blazing hair the only thing keeping her in my vision, she blended so well into the darkness it was hard even for me to keep track. She held up a hand and Marius halted me fully as she went around a corner, we heard a shot..and then another followed by a short scream and then a thump. Marius nodded and we continued past the now fallen mortal guard, his partner several feet beyond. Both downed with a shot to the chest.

It carried on like that for several slow, long moments. Cherry or Marius would drift forward, several shots would ring out and then we would advance once more. All the while I would try pushing past, I hated the slow pace of our advance and just wanted Carrie back in my arms safe and sound.

This place was dark, not in the sense of vision or brightness. No it was fairly well lit the farther we got, it was just a feeling that was settled over the halls. I had not felt something like that for several years, not since before I myself had met Pandora. My own guns were ready though, my fingers gripping it perfectly as Cherry had taught me. What was this feeling now? Was I worried? Anxious?

I was, and I knew it.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 16

imageTime passed slowly, Cherry holding me through each second that went by. I could feel the hate within me, it had been awhile since I felt a hate this strong. Many, many years before Pandora calmed the storm of my mind perhaps. And now it was struggling to free itself once more, and how I wanted to let it loose. My magic did not work here, but I would destroy those who had shattered my family apart.

I did not move, I barely blinked even I planned and schemed. I stood no chance before these ancients but I would be damned if I would not try. Carrie, now Merida? These Draconian bastards would have their heads mounted upon my wall.

Madness is a very real problem in my line, I thought mine long gone. Cherry could see it writhing behind my eyes, dark as the depths of the ocean and perhaps that is why she tried so hard to calm me.

Nothing would stay my wrath. You do not piss off Va’lis Razele and walk away unscathed.

My daughters would be returned to me and held tight within my arms, or I would die.

There are no other alternatives. No other way for this to happen. If I had to rip the city apart, so be it.

Picking Up The Pieces, Pt. 2

Charlottenburg-Palace-Germany-NightNight was well set in as Pandora led Va’lis and Carrie around with Carries eyes still looking everywhere in awe, while Va’lis only looked straight ahead. So lost in his thoughts, he didn’t realize Pandora had stopped until he ran into her back. With a shake of her head and a gesture for silence, she pointed to a window set high above the ground.

“Cherry is in that room” she mouthed while he nodded. The nerves, quickly rising back again as she gave him a quick hug for good luck. It was her turn to buy him time, and she set off briskly with a letter for Esme. Whatever she planned to do, Va’lis knew he couldn’t concern himself fully with it. He had a short window, and only one shot.

Dragging Carrie, he inched alongside the wall slowly. Doing his best to avoid being seen, he pushed her down to her knees and hands. Looking up in a mixture of shock and bewilderment, it faded quickly to annoyance as he used her as a stepping stool. Grasping the next ledge and hauling himself up onto the balcony.

He could see her, sleeping in the bedroom wrapped in a blanket and facing away from the balcony door. A moment passed with his eyes closed, and before his nerves gave way again he went to open the door. And it was locked.

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Pain of Loss

Snow crunched underfoot, each step slow and measured before advancing further. It had fallen heavily over the past month and a half and without the usual servants tending to the accumulation, it was layered thick upon the steps. A fitting visual for the mood of the man that climbed slowly.

A month a half since she had fled after he failed to arrive. He could not blame her, but the man never faded. It merely grew stronger with each passing day, a driving searing pain that was pushing his already strained mind further against its limitations. Biting back a fresh surge of suffering, he fumbled for the keys in his jacket.

Hands which once were certain in all actions, now trembled as he inserted the key into the lock. Opening it by magic as he usually would have done was something he was fighting these days. Too long had he taken the easy way through life, when had he slowed and enjoyed the little things? Perhaps if he had, he could have seen the fear coiled about his heart as a serpent would be about a hare.

A creak and the door opened. Gusts of air scattered snow about the carpets within, yet he barely noticed. His gaze instead went straight to the ring sitting upon the note on the table, exactly where he had seen it last. Leaving the door open, Va’lis stepped forward into the past.

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Things Never Change


Never really gave Earth much thought in the past. Heard about it and visited only a few times, but actively thought about? Never. Still, what with my most recent thoughts… Now was as good a time as any to change that.

Generally speaking, I would never be left to just wander alone. “Irresponsible and Reckless” were two of the words that Marius seemed to favor. “Asshole and Bastard” of course, went to Cherry. “Prick, Psycho, and Child”, along with many many others naturally came from Merida. Which always amuses me, her calling me child. But I digress.

Earth. My new escape and ironically my prison in a sense. I was only allowed to leave Pandora’s compound with an escort. For the rest of the time, I would merely wander about it and read all the new books I could find. Merida had given me several new ones after our last encounter. I was quite enjoying one in particular. It is called “The Bible”. A fantasy book I think. It is filled with several different chapters about countless individuals who all seem to be influenced by a higher being. Extremely amusing to me.

Still, one can only read for so many hours before the mind wanders. It is that wandering of my mind that led me to what Pandora calls a “garage”. All her family members seem to have at least one or two of these “vehicles”. I admit, I have taken to them with a passion. The speed, the subtle control over such a device is such a rush. I was even given one of my very own, a Cadillac Cien it is called. Sleek, elegant and fast. Traits I admire. Pandora had been giving me lessons, but would never let me control it myself. Tonight though, well… She is not here.

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Of Magic and Dragons


Sighing, he walked forward towards her. His long hair pulled back in a ponytail for the time being, Brelynn had thought it looked rather silly on him. That was, until the training started. The moment he began throwing spell after spell? Everything suddenly lost its humor. The ponytail was the least of her worries.

“You aren’t concentrating Bre.” Leaning on the black staff he carried, Va’lis looked down at her as she sat upon the coarse sand. “That last Energy Bolt was at half strength and easily blockable.”

They were going on the third hour now, and she had barely made progress. It began simply, dodging fireballs and similar spells. Learning how to counter them while enhancing her own. But when energy bolts started raining down around her, she realized this wasn’t a game to him. Magic was the core of his existance, and he would not show mercy. She had the bruises and burns to show that.

“We, are going to start again now. And we’re not stopping until you’ve managed to stop five in a row.”

She looked up, horror-struck. Five?! She couldn’t stop one and he wanted five! Her jaw clenched, determination and refusal intermingling as one.


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