The Air I Breathe

ro-zach-colton-holland-3Nothing in this world, or any world, makes me feel as complete as she does.  Ro’s been having trouble sleeping for over a week now. I’ve noticed her toss and turn, and even at times leave my bedroom to go outside. The stress was getting to her and she was going to have a meltdown.  With Armand and Merida gone to Earth, she felt so alone.  Even I wasn’t enough to comfort her.

The fight with Britney was really more about her than Britney and what she might of told Frisco. To be honest, I think Frisco would have eventually figured it all out on his own, he’s actually a pretty smart dude. But this fight was a culmination of all the frustrations that Ro’s been feeling about her adoption. Her aunt, Lady Geneva, was hell bound to make her suffer the wrath that her own sister escaped.  I do find it funny that Ro’s mother gave up her title and fortune for love, yet I’ve been forced to take on a title in order to “win the approval” of Lady Geneva to stay with my girl.  Apparently they are going to retroactively title my maternal grandfather posthumously as a Duke so the lineage is there.  My grandfather had done quite a lot of good for Moonglow many decades ago, so it wasn’t a stretch.  But, it didn’t look like Lady Geneva much cared what title I had. And Ro had apparently gone off on the lady, telling her she hates her.  And the way Lady Geneva was talking about vampires, it was clear that she would never accept Ro’s association with them.  So any little rumor or story would only serve to further emphasize her stance on this issue.  It was my fault really, I told Ro about Frisco telling me about the Romanus family and that Britney had told him; that he knew I already knew.  I shouldn’t have said anything.  But I really don’t want to keep anything from my girl.  She means everything to me.

Last night, I finally pressed the issue and pretty much made her talk to Britney.  Britney had gotten a B+ on her potions test, Frisco told me, and she was very very upset about that.  This is a girl that has pretty much straight A+’s, I mean she gets mad with an A-!  So we found her desperately trying to master the potion that had given her the most issue on her potions final.  She was obsessed with it.  But Frisco also told me she has a “perfectionist” complex, that’s due to how much was expected of her by her bastard father.  In order to avoid beatings and screams, he basically demanded perfection.  Ro had a wonderful childhood with a loving father, even though she lost her mother, so she cannot relate to poor Britney. But I sure as hell can.  Britney feels overlooked when it comes to adoption and to see Ro’s being “fought over” makes her feel like she’s not good enough.  Even though, we all know… Britney keeps everyone in that place together.  She makes sure Ro eats, she reads to Carlos and helps the tyke with his homework, she does the chores that Frisco fails to do, she covers for Ro when she sneaks out to see me. She’s a great person and a good friend to Ro.  I tried to make Ro see that Britney was also going through her own stuff and that she needed her best friend.  It worked.  They made up.

What followed though, scared me to death really.  No, really.  Britney proceeded to show Ro the book that Frisco had snuck out of Britain.  The title was “Tantric Sex Positions for Lovers”.  Enough said.  I mean some of the stuff in there… wow!  I got slightly embarrassed because Brit was there.  I had to run out.  Besides Ro and I had not been able to be intimate since her stress levels started to skyrocket.  She just had zero interest and I did not feel like pushing the issue, so I’ve been handling the problem on my own.  I didn’t say anything,  last thing I wanted was her to worry about our sex life being non-existent for over a week.  That’s just more stress.  But when she followed me to the bathroom,  she started to talk about it.  We had a conversation and she said that Brit had told her that it could help; sex she meant.  Brit was like, “It could help release some of the stress.”  So I looked at her, I mean obviously I wanted her. I asked her, “Do you want to try?” She nodded, blushing slightly.  So I picked her up under her arms and let her wrap her legs around me and walked her over to my bedroom.  We made love.  I had missed her like this.  I love her so very much, words cannot possibly describe just how much.  She is the air I breathe.  But I think Brit was right because afterwards, she fell asleep… FINALLY!… in my arms.  I watched her sleep for a good long while before my own eyelids closed.

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