The Invitations Are Sent…

merida-armand-invitationsJust got our copy of the invitations that were sent out.  Elegant, beautifully scripted, in the colors my bride had wished for.  Everything seems perfect.  I am very excited to take Merida as my wife, she’s my heart’s desire and my love for her burns eternal.  I hope she doesn’t get too nervous… its only 500+ names on our guest list.  Everything is in motion, and the date approaches quickly.  I hope that Va’lis makes it and that they squash whatever has been vexing them and he understands that whatever Merida tells me in confidence as my wife, I keep to myself.  We keep no secrets from each other…  we’re truly in love.I feel completely elated at this magical time in my life.  I thought for long that I was unworthy of love, for the lovers of my past had rejected me.  And who would want me with my sorted past? It is why the decision to marry Bianca so many centuries ago was made.  I guess all this time I had been hiding from allowing myself to be open to love again — the sting of it all still so gravely felt — and Bianca had been the perfect excuse to do so.  For her as well, she who has forever been in love with Marius, needed a way to hide from making herself open to love again.  Now that I am past that dark time in my life, I think Bianca sees that I have found my true love and its definitely prompting her to discover herself.  It is why she’s requested the divorce, I presume.

But still I am heartbroken at the centuries that have passed alongside Bianca — am I to never have her again?  She couldn’t make decisions without consorting her husband, which allowed her a form of checks and balances in the businesses she created.  But now, we’re in a new era and a man’s isn’t as needed in such respect.  She made the decision about the store purely without me.  I will admit, it did anger me.  But I came around. I understand now, she wants her independence.  I just didn’t think it meant she wanted it from me as well.

I am slowly coming to terms with it all, knowing that Merida will be my one and only wife — at least for the foreseeable future — is something I’ve quite learned to get accustomed to. I no longer hold on to the fears I had about it not working out, would I be alone then?  My love with her does burn eternal, and I am secure in that now.  When I see her, as crazy and anxious as she sometimes get, I see nothing but pure love… the love she has for me and I for her. I fall deeper in love with her every single day.

~ Armand

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