Heart of Fire…

Merida4I searched and studied for a very long time. Finally, I believe I have learned why, why I become fire. It was about thirty years after I was turned into a Vampire. I sat in my Sire’s office in Wind, experimenting on how I could make my fire spells more deadly. I was angry at him; I knew fire would be his destruction if nothing else. I worked on the flame strike spell, in hopes it was enough. I found myself using enhancing spells and meshed it with the flame striking spell. It worked, while it made my spell more deadly I knew it as not enough. I needed more!

I ended up fusing Blackrock into my spells which worked effectively. A trick I learned from my dear sire that was very fond of the substance. Then the day came I tried something extremely stupid. I tried to summon a fire elemental using enhancing spells, and Blackrock. I chanted the words, “Kal Vas Zen Cor Por Tyme In Mani Flam”. Fire erupted from my hands leaving them burned. My clothes burned from my body as I was flung to the wall. The fire spread throughout the office and my sire’s stash of Blackrock I had been using, exploded. Fire ripped through the caverns of Wind and my life flashed before my eyes. My thought was, “Well, doesn’t this suck hard! Now I’m dead!” But I wasn’t dead. The fire made a cocoon around me and shielded me from the caving roof and stone. I stared up at it, amazed at what I saw.

Meridas mother

Through the fire I saw the face of a woman. She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Her hair and eyes were fire. Her skin was soft and pale. Her full ruby red lips turned to a smile. I seriously thought myself dreaming, if not the annoying burns on my hands. I lied there naked on the damaged floor, staring at this woman with amazement. She too, wore nothing but her smile. She slowly reached out to me, right through the fire, and touched my chest. Her fingers were hot, too hot! As her entire hand sank into my chest, I felt my heart burn. I screamed in pain, but laid there unable to move. The fire spread from my heart through my entire body. As she slowly moved her hand, the fire still spread through me, it was changing me! I heard her soft angelic voice in my ear, “My Child. Born from another, fire of my fire, accept your gift, accept the fire my beloved. My Child, My Fiery Daughter.”

I cried as she disappeared, leaving me alone in the burning office now a pile of rubble. With one final scream I felt the fire mesh to my very soul. Soon my body was the flame, I was the flame. I then saw darkness. When I awoke, it was weeks later, and I was still hot. My hands had mended and my heart still burned. My sire was there, he first made sure I was fine, and then as usual went into a fit of rage scolding and smacking me around for being an idiot. Oh, and for destroying half of Wind in the process of being a massive idiot. I didn’t care. I could only think of what had happened. Which was the real problem, I couldn’t remember!

Now as I sit here, days from my wedding day, I can finally look back on what had happened. I was chosen by a being far more powerful then that of my own sire. I must research on what she was, but it was much like a fire elemental, but she had her own mind. To her I was her daughter. I must seek her out if I can. I must find the woman that made me this way. Made me fire. Her fire. So many questions I need answered. I hope my dear Armand understands this.  I need to know…

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