The Rock Star Life…

LestatHello again, remember me? I’m sure you do, how could one not remember The Vampire Lestat. I’ve wandered the world for over two centuries now and flourished everywhere I stepped foot in. I made my rock star debut in the 1980s and have been a vampire, acting like a mortal who is pretending to be a Vampire. A beautiful performance that was first thought of by my dear Nicki with The Vampire Theater, long ago in Paris.


At times I still think of him, what life with him could have been had Magnus not snatched me from our very bed and turned me into the monster that he was. In a way I loved my maker, and forever he will hold a place in my cold blackened heart, but I hate the monstrous bastard as well.


But I must not hate him too much; he gave me the power to hold onto my most loved ones. My mother, wherever she may be today, Gabrielle, oh how I miss her day to day not knowing where she could be. I was told I was selfish and stupid for turning her, but what do others know? She was my golden light, the only woman I had ever truly loved beyond my own life. Okay, I will admit it was selfish but whatever. She was mine!


I sired another some years later. Louis, his dark hair, and green eyes captured my heart from the very beginning. I fell deeply in love with this man, and as he lay dying I gave him the choice. To die or to live forever with me. I was elated with joy when he chose to live a damned life forever and eternity with me. He would go on to tell the world how selfish and cruel I was, especially to our dear Claudia, a child vampire that I made for us. So my intentions were in the right direction, I wanted a family and a life with him, but I went about it all wrong. I did that girl wrong, but I loved her, even though she eventually tried to kill me. I was not angry, I was proud of her. I’d have done the same had I been in her position.


I went to Paris for Armand’s help, to which he betrayed me and let them kill Claudia. My sweet little girl. She did not deserve such a death. Armand then told me Louis was killed, and my heart broke. I did not believe him; I did not want to believe. So I left Paris with heavy heart and waited out the centuries until things seemed right again.

Eventually, Armand came and told me the truth, that he hid Louis from me so that he may have him for himself. Truly who is the selfish monster in this story? Louis was mine, I made him, and I loved him! How dare he! So I threw Armand off a building in anger. It took many years but now, we are friends once more. I have forgiven him for his deeds against me. Louis came to me some time later; it drew out happiness in my heart to see my love once more. But I knew after all I had done, all that had happened. He would never love me the way he used to again. So I went into the ground to ease my troubled heart.

MariusI believe we all remember my first entrance into the rock star world, and how it ended. No need to repeat myself. After all was said and done, Marius stayed with me and did what Magnus did not. He taught me. He was there for me and laughed at my boldness and my blunt way of things. Calling me his damnedest creature, he was like a father to me. He still is today when we laugh and joke about things, but I am getting ahead of myself now aren’t I? Louis still never trusted me fully, he barely spoke to me, but with Marius’ teachings and guidance I would find a way to make things right someday with him.

 It was little over a decade ago, I was traveling through Paris, my old hunting grounds, and I passed a little cemetery. I heard the most heart wrenching voice coming from deep within it. A woman’s voice, she sounded like a fallen angel from the very heavens above. So naturally I followed her voice until I found this beautiful, broken creature.

marybloodSitting on a grave, tears of blood pouring from her eyes, her clothes ripped and torn and it seemed she was from a different time, in fact a different world all together. I listened to her sing, of monsters chasing her in her dreams, she sang of putting herself in a happier place of purple skies, painted paper flowers. Her hair was golden, her eyes the purest blue, skin flawless and her face etched in, defeat. I fell in love with her, not just her voice, but her entireness. I felt she had come from the same blood as mine, she belonged to Marius. Oh! Marius, my grandsire! What have you done to this beautiful creature before me!

I cautiously walked to her, as I expected she shied away from me, she was weary of me. I coaxed her out of the corner she sat and gave her peace. I told her who I was, and swore I would not return her to Marius. I meant what I promised. If Marius made a woman run from him, he must have done something terrible to her. I found myself angry with him, after all, he was teaching me to be gentle and caring. Look at this beautiful mistake he made! She told me her name, Mary Drown. At that moment I knew I had found someone who would change me, and I would make all the effort to change her life in return.

lespentI took her to New York with me that very night. To my penthouse and cleaned her up, let her drink until she was content and we spoke all night until the sun came up. She slept in my coffin with me that day. Before I slumbered I felt her despair, I felt her broken heart, and it in turn broke mine. I held onto her small form and slept the sleep of the dead. Then the sun went down she awoke as I did, and together we hunted. For a New Born she didn’t do too badly. I went out and taught her all I knew and when we went back to my Penthouse she sang for me. I fell deeper in love with her. It was not the same love I had for Louis, who was my soul mate, but a deep love for a broken creature I knew would be my best friend for eternity.

Mary told me everything about her life before Marius turned her. How her father was a noble Lord and Governor of Minoc, a little trade and mining city on Sosaria. She spoke of her mother, and her musical influence growing up. Then she told me how her Mother died, and she spent her life with her Father, he was her entire world. I then learned of her Fathers death and how he died, I was appalled to hear of it. She told me she was on the brink of death, and awoken to such a pain, and saw Marius. After learning what he was, what she now was, she could only think him a Monster. Just like the ones who killed her father, who hurt her. I understood her pain, and knew then Marius fell in love with the girl and he could not let her go. Such a soft heart Marius has.

Mary-Drown-charactersheetFor some reason, I could not hold back my own story from her. I told her of my life before Magnus turned me, of Nicki, and Gabrielle. She told me, had she been given the dark gift she would have used it to save her father as well, that I was not so selfish in my doings. I told her of how Nicki had died, how he threw himself into the fire. How my Mother left my side. And how Marius found me, and saved me in my worst hour. I explained Marius to her, that he was no real monster. Marius was someone you could depend on when you most need it, and will forever love you. She could not see that, I knew it would take time. I then told her of Louis, my beloved Louie. She smiled as I spoke of him. And when I was through telling her my tale, she laid her head on my shoulder and hugged me close. She said, “In time, I hope he comes back to you, I can feel you really love him. And when the day comes, I pray I am there to witness your happiness Lestat.” My heart melted that night; it was the first time I made love to someone in decades.

Mary spent the nights close to me, talking and writing songs with me, learning the new instruments of Earth, and laughing happily with me, and our days were spent snug together in my coffin. It felt nice to have a companion again, that I could share everything with, but alas, I knew it wouldn’t last very long. But I am getting ahead of myself in this story once again…

Five years after I found her, I introduced her to the world, as the Vampire Seductress, Mary Drown. Her songs were loud cries to Marius and to her Father, it is what fueled her. She took to the rock scene as well as I did. Shy, quiet, and timid she was, but when the lights of the stage hit her, oh, she was indeed the Seductress. Men and Women loved and adored her, and begged for her attentions. I have to say I make a damned good teacher. I had my manager, well, our manager bring her beautiful young mortals each night. She developed much of my tastes, which made me very proud. You can say I adopted her, seeing as Marius did not think to chase such a beautiful creature.

marypentAnother five years passed. A decade since I had found her. Mary and I were inseparable. She raked in more fans with her angelic voice and perfect stage performance. We had full magazine spreads together, records together, I bought her, her very own penthouse in New York, very close to mine. But that is our secret place we agreed. A place she and I could escape the media, the band, and everyone else in any world. The place was lavish as my own; I went all out in it. She had everything her heart desired and I was content to give it to her. But out of the blue, I could feel Marius calling. I could hear his anguished cries for me to return to his side. Nearly fifteen years and now he calls to me? Why? It must be important. I explained to Mary that I had to return to Sosaria, to stand at Marius’ side. By then she had thought on him more, but was fearful he would reject her now should she return with me.

After some days I had convinced her to return to Marius. She belonged to him, and belonged at his side as much as I did. It took her some days but she had returned, and is now his Mistress, his Muse, his light in a dark place. And now that I have my Louie again, Mary and my relationship now, just best friends once more, no longer lovers. But ahh…that is another story entirely.

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