The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 1

marius-and-maryI knew the time had come. Monday is the Tribunal.  David and Maharet had done all they could do, at least I wouldn’t be put down like a lame dog. But I would be away from my family, my Lydia. That hurt me more than anything else. I know that as much as she sometimes gets overwhelmed by my antics, Lydia is actually a very sensitive woman and the knowledge that I am out there somewhere where she can run to is a big comfort for her. I am not sure that anyone would be able to quiet the silence that she would feel if they sentence me to a box. Not even Va’lis, for as much as she loves him and he loves her — it’s not the same. That desperation was one I felt when Lydia taken from me and only when you have that kind of love could you ever truly relate. But there was no turning back now, I must face the music. 

Ahhh music.  *sighs*  I must go visit Mary. She will be beside herself during this time. And she’s still so young, but now with Flavius I know she will be protected. He would die for her. Like I would for Lydia. I cannot deny her that happiness but I cannot deny that this fact stings me, for I love Mary truly I do. I hope she knows that, I hope she feels that. So I go to her…

Mary was in her studio, playing the piano as she often is. She felt my presence as I walked in.  I leaned against the wall crossing my arms as she tried to keep it together but her fingers got the best of her, she slipped off and hit a wrong note.  She slammed the lid of the piano and the whole piano shook. She looked at me and shook her head vigorously. Tears started to fall down her face, blood tears. “Mary, please… don’t.” I said softly. “Don’t what Marius? Don’t cry? Don’t feel? What do you want from me? I don’t know why you won’t allow me to go with you! I want to go. I want to be there,” she said with increasing volume. “Mary I can’t have you there. I won’t be able to go through with any of it if you are there. If they sentence me to imprisonment, I know you will loose your shit,” I said. “Well, you think I am not losing my shit now?!? Hellooooo!”  Her eyes met mine with great reproach. She wiped at her face furiously and I clenched my jaw. I fought back my own tears. Oh how I love this woman, I have from the very first moment I laid eyes on her. “Mary, no. I need you stay here, stay with Flavius. He will protect you,” I told her. “I love him Marius, I do. But he’s not my sire… my teacher. You are,” she said pleadingly. I couldn’t help but smile lightly and I walked over to her. I took her face in my hands and wiped away those tears, I kissed her cheeks. I looked at her with all the love that was in me. “Mary, you have been my greatest accomplishment and truly one of the great loves of my life. I couldn’t be more proud of you if I tried,” I said to her. She broke down and hugged me. We sat there in an embrace, a real one, between sire and progeny, between teacher and pupil, between two people that love each other dearly. I kissed her deeply before letting her go, she tried to cling to me, but I had to pull away.  She fell to her knees in sobs. On my way out, I saw Flavius. “Dominus,” he called out to me and bowed like a million other times. “No, Flavius… you call me Marius from now on,” I said, “and I know you will.” He simply nodded and went inside to console the woman we both loved.

I went back home and there was Lydia, all packed and ready to go. She wore a gorgeous Givenchy red dress, one that fit her every curve. In all my thousands of years there had never been another that stirred so much emotion in me. I stared at her, just taking her in… and she let me. “We ready to go?” She asked. “Yeah.” I said and grabbed my small suitcase. I mean we had everything we really needed back on Earth anyways, so not much to pack. We locked up Romanus Manor and she took my hand as I gated to Umbra Bank. Once we landed there, she clasped my hand again and squeezed it. She was immobile. I turned to look at her and shook my head, “No, Lydia, no. Do not break, do not falter. You need to be the rock now, my love.” I said to her. She shook it off and continued.

We met the rest of our family at Umbra. Everyone gathered around the portal and I saw my grandchildren, Saphira, Antonio, and Rose… Saphi ran to me and clung to my waist. My little dragon girl. Rosie came running over and put her hands up to Lydia, of course. And in that gesture my wife lit up, picking this little girl up in her arms. Merida was running around after Tony, who couldn’t seem to sit still these days. Armand stood there, his hands on Saphi’s shoulders. I looked to him, and looked at Meri… and the kids. I saw the boy I once knew in the man that stood before me. I had once fallen so completely in love with him, and it was so surreal that he was now surrounded by his wife, a woman of another bloodline that I have grown so close to, grown to love, and his adopted children. He wanted his own blood, of Meri’s, and I was bound and determined to give that to him. I looked around and felt engulfed in love.

Amroth and his progeny were also there, I am sure Esme will be waiting for us on the other side. Amroth has been my always faithful and loyal childe. Cherry stood, a bit somberly, alone off to the side. Her and Va’lis were still not on good terms. *sighs*  Her sadness is a painful robe that weighs her down. I wonder if he would show up here; Va’lis I wish you would feel the love this family longs to give you. It has been what you have looked for your whole life, and it stands before you. I looked around for him. I looked to Cherry, she held her head down not wishing to look at anyone. Carrie stood next to her, she casually took her hand. The hand of her dear sire-mother who had done so much for her.  She stood there. Waiting. Wondering. Wishing. Would her husband, one I love like my own son… show up?

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