Romanus or Razele

merida-portrait3It’s always something that has been in question, my sanity. For years I fought an inner war created in my own mind. I fought for the approval of the man I eternally loved and would die for. On a whim I would murder for him. I would pick up tasks impossible for one my age to do alone. Now as I sit back and look at my life now…what a foolish little girl I was. I watched my children and my husband playing near the gate to earth. I watched Marius and Pandora huddled together in an act of pure love. I watched Cherry and my dear sire sister Carrie. This is my family. My heart was theirs..I would fight to the end for them…but there was a nagging bug in the back of my mind I could not be rid of.

I have fallen in love with two new children. One which I intend to adopt, my beautiful Rowan. Armand agreed she would fit our family perfectly. And Zachary Taylor. The boy simple stole a bit of my heart and it stays with him. It came to our attention that Rowan had an Aunt. An unfortunate set back. Whilst I stand with my family as Merida Ann de Romanus, Merida Razele was in the forefront of my mind…planning..plotting. I’ll be damned if that skanky bitch of a Marquessa takes MY Rowan from us…no.. on the outside I am  Romanus…but with a coy smile and thoughts no one could stop, the insanity of my Razele blood lingered on, still a part of me. The bitch would die in a horrid manner. Now to tweak a plan or two.

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