The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 16

falke-thinkingThe main thing I did while in that private box was observe and listen- from the beginning of Maharet’s oath taking, I knew that she was in control. Or, at least, she felt that way. I didn’t really know much of anything down here… But I had to grin at her reply to the Order’s deputy and his whole spiel. I enjoyed how Maharet schooled the counselor Windsor, and I felt no pity for her when she got scared by Maharet standing up. I didn’t know what all happened, but I hope that bitch learned a bit about her place. Is that vicious of me? Should I even care? I mean, these people surely are not my own. Quite the opposite- they want to harm those I care for. I take a mental note to myself to always remember this, and vowed to always keep the Draconian family far away, or under my complete control. I did, however, cringe when Maharet admitted to burning Zeeke even though Merida was being released- I knew that bitch deserved all she got, and that Maharet was not the one being charged here, but one should never admit to anything in a court of law.

I saw Cherry leaving with Va’lis. It was hard to stay in my seat- she was the one who had invited me to come with the whole troupe, and I could tell something was wrong. I had no clue what- but it had to be important… Important enough to warrant my aunt- my favorite aunt!- leaving the place where it’ll be decided if Marius faces prison time- while it was being decided! And Marius is… Well, important! But because Cherry had invited me, I also knew that I had to be good. I wanted to impress her with how I handled this important event. I knew I needed to stay in my seat, and remain proper. I waited, then, interested in hearing whatever cross interviewing techniques and tactics the Counselor Talbot took, and wanting to hear Maharet’s replies.

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