The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 17

cherry-watching-the-trialMy husband and I entered the room together right as Merida was walking down to testify. Carrie was on her feet wanting soooo much to go with Merida but she was not allowed. Va’lis could do absolutely nothing for Merida but hug her. He had to let her go do her thing. I simply just confidently kissed her cheek. I knew my daughter would give them hell the likes of which they had never seen.

I looked over to Carrie and she had moved to the front and damn near pressed her face to the glass wanting to see everything and for them all to see her.  She was getting stronger by every minute. She wanted to be sure Merida could see her through the glass. I squeezed her shoulder before passing through and sitting down next to Falke. My husband stood by Carrie’s side for a while before sitting on the other side of me, next to Rich. Rich was bouncing his knee up and down. You could tell he was anxious and there was a sense of overprotectiveness to him. Va’lis put his hand on Rich’s knee to stop the motion. Rich gave him a haphazard smile. The two of them were getting along fabulously. At least one thing was going right for Va’lis. 

I turned my attention to my young nephew, who would be introduced as a cousin in our interactions with mortals because I looked like I wasn’t that much older than he was. And in fact he was older than when I was turned. I leaned into Falke to whisper to him and told him, “This is my husband, Va’lis.” Va’lis heard my introduction and leaned forward and gave the young lad a nod. Hey, progress. Va’lis is at least acknowledging my progeny, or in this case future progeny. Maybe he would try to get to know them.

Falke asked me, “So Miss Parker and Ms. Douglas are your husband’s progeny?”  I leaned into him, “Correct, to me his progeny is just as much my progeny. Not just because the Laws of Union state so but because I love them as such.”  He nodded and smiled. He was curious and wanted to learn everything. He had been an only child to his parents, whom he had lost in a car accident a little over 5 years ago. His father had wanted to be gifted at age 50. He was 48 when he was killed. I’m certain that this tragic event has some weight on his decision to be gifted so young.

Falke originates from my sister Emerald. His line comes from her and thus many of her traits. He’s shy and reserved and doesn’t socialize well. Emmie had suffered gravely with him at the loss of his parents, so she had become a pillar of strength for him. He more than likely didn’t chose Jade because she is intimidating with her education and her constant psychoanalysis of all situations. And he probably didn’t chose Ruby because she’s always dragging her progeny out to big parties and she’s just super outgoing. He knew that with me he could be more of himself. And then there is the fact that I am General of our army. His paternal grandfather serves under me, he was turned by Ruby at age 34, Krassius Spy.

Kras had accepted his son’s death as part of life, “None of us truly have eternity at our side, kid.” He would say to Falke. But Emmie’s a bleeding heart so she took care of Falke and has nursed him through the pain of the loss of his parents and also the loss of his beloved dog, Knight. Emmie was the one to put Falke in my path noting how well he would do as my progeny. As a member of the Legion, it would give him focus and purpose. Krassius thinks it will toughen him up. And I think he’s just fine the way he is. His love for animals could be honed and fine tuned. I couldn’t wait to introduce him to Sosaria’s many wonders and creatures.

Merida’s voice came through the PA system and like Maharet, the poor Order Deputy had to deal with another smart alec remark. I turned to Va’lis and chuckled, he winked at me. This was OUR Merida. I bet that poor guy was like, “I’m just trying to do my job here.” Pandora looked to me and gave me a smile. The first one I’ve seen from her all week. She must of heard my thoughts.

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