The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 20

merida-witness-standMerida was being escorted from the private boxes where the families were being held by the Order guards.  She looked defiant and slightly annoyed at the whole process.  Armand seemed to be talking to her, to which she smiled at him, placing her hand over her heart.  The love between these two was quite obvious to anyone that was around them.  It was the first time I had seen Armand so settled and the first time I had ever seen a couple of our kind live life so… normally. It was as if this affliction wasn’t something that was ever going to hold them back or keep them from being human beings. Quite refreshing to see.  My maker smiled and looked over to Armand, giving him a wink. I think he rather liked Merida and you could not have guessed that at one time Armand and Lestat were mortal enemies fighting over the love of a man that could not love either of them back because his heart had been so broken; our dear Louis.  As Merida moved past Marius she turned to him and she smiled at him too… Marius nodded with a wink.  I witnessed pride in him for this woman.  How fatherly of him.

The deputy took his position and went to swear Merida in.  She promptly replied, “Tell the truth… yada yada… so help me god… yada yada. Can we get on with it?”  So much like Maharet. She sighed dramatically and said, “I do.” Then sat down in the chair, crossing her legs, looking very much like the noblewoman she now is. Counselor Windsor would go first.


Couns. Windsor:  “Thank you Mrs. Romanus. Let’s… get on with it.  How did you hear your sire-sister Carrie Parker had been taken?”

Mrs. Romanus: “I felt distress through our bloodline, my sire was angry so I went to him. he told me my sister was captured.”

Couns. Windsor: “Captured, right. And by sire you mean your maker, Va’lis Razele, correct?

Mrs. Romanus: *sighs* “Yes, my “maker”, my sire, my father…Va’lis Razele.

Couns. Windsor: “So you did not immediately tell your husband?”

Mrs. Romanus: “I did not immediately go to my husband, no.  He found out later, through Pandora and Va’lis himself.”

Couns. Windsor: “And you only told Ms. Reeves afterwards?”

Mrs. Romanus: “Maharet and I are bonded, she was able to pick up on my anger and panic and I did inform her that my sister was taken by the same bastards that took our maker. Through our bond.”

Couns. Windsor: “So who informed Mr. Romanus that Miss Parker had been taken?”

Mrs. Romanus: *rolls her eyes at the question*  “I told you that Pandora was one of the firsts to know because Va’lis went to her. Afterwards, we gathered and I assumed Marius was brought up to speed by Pandora herself. You know they are married.  And we had gathered to talk about it and plan our next steps that very same day, because that’s what families do…you know…unite in the face of tragedy and chaos. Then again maybe you do not know of such things.”  *has a super sweet smile the entire time. But a dangerous look in her eyes that would make Maharet proud.*

Couns. Windsor: “So what you are saying is that House Romanus mobilized against House Draconis before you were ever in any danger?”

Mrs. Romanus: *rolls her eyes again* “Did I say there was a movement against them? No I did Not. We were made aware of the issue. of course Va’lis would want to go fetch his childe. It’s only natural.  So he and my husband had taken a head start out through our world gate back here to Earth. As soon as I found out, I went to go join them, but I was sent away. At that time there was no movement to bum rush the Draconis coven and give them the beating they all deserve for being power hungry maniacs who prey on those that wished to remain peaceful and have what any of us can consider a “normal life”. Only when they struck out at me was there action taken. And that action was taken by Maharet because I am her protego; bonded to her.”  *as she speaks her anger flares as do her eyes to flame but remains as calm as she can*

Couns. Windsor: “I think we can do without the rhetoric, Mrs. Romanus. The answer to the question is a simple, no.”

Mrs. Romanus:  *snickers*

Couns. Windsor: “You say you were sent away. Sent away by whom?”

Mrs. Romanus:  *smacks her teeth*  “By my maker. He sent me home with my kids. because only a fucking idiot would dare come for me whilst I was in Romanus territory. But alas…this world apparently hosts many idiots… don’t you think so counselor?”  *as she gives her a pointed look as if to say, I’ll say whatever I want*

Couns. Windsor:  “Chancellors, can you instruct the witness to just answer the questions that are posed to her or deem her a hostile witness?”

Chancellor Grimm: “Mrs. Romanus, please answer the questions as given in a direct fashion.  The counselors of this case are not on trial here.”

Mrs. Romanus: *nods once, smiling, then mutters something about how they have not even begun to see “hostile”* “Sure. Whatever you say.”

Chancellor Grimm: “You may proceed.”

Couns. Windsor: “So you got on a private plane out of Paris and flew back to Venice and went straight home. Did you make any stops?”

Mrs. Romanus:  *pauses for a moment to take a deep breath knowing the next few answers will dig up old wounds*  “On my way back to the villa, I did stop to take a bit of a swim to calm myself fully before seeing my children. A spot of water very near the villa. I learned it’s best to…explode in water to prevent serious damage.”

I looked up to the glass of the private box for the Romanus family.  Carrie stood there, she knew exactly how painful it was to recount her steps was for Merida.  She lowered her head, side glancing at Va’lis who was behind her.  Where Va’lis had taught Merida anger and rage, Maharet was showing her how to use it, how to focus it, and also how to release it in safe ways. Merida had done what she did for the safety of her children. Only through Maharet would she have ever learned anything of her Elementalist powers. But where Merida went wrong, and she knew it, was letting her guard down feeling safe in Venice.  That fact had been killing her.

Couns. Windsor: “I see.  Chancellors, I have nothing further of this witness.”

Chancellor O’Connor: “Very well,  Couns. Talbot, cross.”

*Counselor Windsor walks back to her seat as I stand up, walking towards the center of the room*

Couns. Talbot:  “Hello Mrs. Romanus. Thank you for coming in to give your testimony.  You mentioned something earlier I’d like you to elaborate on, if I may. You said that House Draconis had taken your maker. Can you elaborate on that?”

Mrs. Romanus: *smiles at David* “Certainly, it took place on Sosaria, how long ago I can’t remember, things have happened since then. Apparently, he was found by one of the Draco’s, Danielle, bitten and beat down. A slap in the face to his pride… but some weeks later… they returned in numbers and beat him down once more and took him away which is why this whole nightmare started.”

Couns. Talbot: “Do you remember if at that time Mr. Razele served as protego, by our laws, to anyone?”

Mrs. Romanus:  *thinks for a moment* “I think he was still indeed bonded to Pandora de Romanus at the time. She has long served as his sire-figure for many years, then she finally become one.”

Couns. Talbot: “Would you say the connection of House Romanus to these events was really centered around Mr. Razele primarily?”

Mrs. Romanus: “Primarily, it is how it started, but when they found out there was a childe of his that also knew the magic and trained in it, is when I was taken and the Romanus family stepped up to aid House Kemet given I am a direct descendent to Maharet and married to Armand de Romanus. In my opinion had David kept his sticky fingers to himself and left us alone, none of this would have had to be. We’d have all lived in peace. And there would be no fight between our families and my father in law wouldn’t be on the chopping block.”  *mutters an offhanded comment about them being greedy overpowered bastards*

Couns. Talbot:  “Carrie Parker is your sire-sister, correct? What do know of her abduction that happened before yours?”

Mrs. Romanus: *smiles* “Yes…Carrie is my sire sister, one I am quite proud to call my sister…as for her abduction I was not privy to the details, I believe she was with her mortal husband at the time. She’s so young, she never had a fighting chance.”

I smiled back to Merida and said, “Thank you Mrs. Romanus.” I then turned to the Chancellors and said, “I have nothing further Chancellors.” Chancellor Grimm looked to Merida, “You may step down.”

As I walked back to confer with Natasha, I knew we had them right where we wanted them. The protection laws for Protegos extend very much like those of your own progeny. The High Council would have either change the laws to circumvent that protection or dismiss the claims against Marius due to the fact that not only was Merida a protego to Maharet, but that Va’lis might have been one to Pandora.  It would sanction the raid on the Draconis territory based on the retrieval of Merida de Romanus.  The fact that we also rescued Carrie Parker could be easily tied to Va’lis if in fact he was still bonded to Pandora when Carrie was taken.  I looked towards Merida as she was walking past us… she smiled at me, winked at Marius, and glares at David Draco, whilst flipping him the finger on her way out.  I shook my head with a smile.

Chancellor Grimm: *looking to Deputy Silas* “Call the next witness.”

Order Deputy Silas: “The High Council calls, Carrie Parker.


I looked to Natasha, she knew exactly where I was headed with this. “I might need to call Va’lis to the stand.”  She nodded. “Do we submit him as a witness for today?” I looked to her and rubbed my face, “Ask Marius.”  Natasha went over to where Marius was.  I raised my yellow sign to the High Council which signifies the need to for client conferment. Chancellor O’Connor addressed the court. “Counselor Talbot calls for a conferment. Hold on Miss Parker, please.”

Natasha had a spirited conversation with Marius.  Armand thought it wise to call on Va’lis, but Lestat and Marius were hesitant. Marius wanted to have Natasha go up to the box and talk with Pandora about this.  So she came back and told me.  I said, “We’ll go up there together.”  And so we went.

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