A Birthday Adventure…..


I awoke with my entire body aching and the feeling of two strong arms wrapped around me. I smiled as I remembered the night. Never could I ever have imagined pure pleasure and power of being dominated by an enigma that is Lars Spy. I was not in love with him, far from it actually, but I felt a strong connection to him. I call him my dearest friend, and what a friend he is. After the first night that he made love to me I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be his, I wanted to become Immortal and live for eternity doing all the good I could possible do. Prevent monsters from taking the lives of innocent people…hurting them..No, I would live forever insuring I can stop the evil in this world and the next.

I felt Lars’ lips press against my neck softly, a smile crept onto my lips as I turned in his arms to face him. By the gods he was beautiful, I had no regrets giving him my innocence.

“good, you’re awake. We need to get going if we’re to make it to Paris in time.” With a quick kiss to my lips he scooped me out of bed and helped me get ready. He opened a beautiful gift box and pulled out a white dress, it had no sleeves and the hem sat just above my knees. “its called a sun dress, I bought you many more like it” I could not help but smirk at him, “ Lars are you trying to spoil me?” His smile melted me, “Such a vision of beauty, with the heart of gold, why should you not be given everything you desire?” The man makes it hard for a woman not to fall deeply in love with him. But after hearing how many Progeny he has…I’m sure I’m not the only one to fall for his beautiful words.

Lars styled my hair, helped me into my pretty new white sandals, and we were off to a portal near Umbra. I was excited and nervous, I’ve never left my home of Sosaria, well, actually I never even knew there were other worlds before I met Lars! He took my hand and held onto me tightly, then we stepped through the gate together. It felt much like the moongates on Sosaria, but when we stepped through this one, I was in the new world, Earth. My eyes darted all around, “Lars..where are we…?” I clung to his arm tightly. He grinned and turned his head to me, “Paris, in our underground hideaway. Come, I want to show you around.” I could feel his excitement as he led me through the underground caverns, Soon we reached the exit and was greeted by a world I could have never imagined. Wagons that had motors, able to move themselves down cemented streets. Buildings taller then Castles. People wore the funniest outfits but it looked good. Lars leaned to my ear and whispered. “Welcome to Paris beautiful Maya.” It was that moment I fell in love.


Lars took me all around Paris, I saw so much, he stopped and patiently explained to me what everything was. The motorized wagons were called Cars, he explained that the buildings were built high and with what material, he showed me a tower. We sat up there for a while and he held me close. He took out a small box with buttons, I stared at him as he pressed the buttons and began to speak into it. “Mika, I need you to get in touch with the others and have them meet me in New York tomorrow night….I am aware it is short notice but it is of dire importance. I need all of you there. Yes, All of you….Mika I can’t speak about it now, You will know when the others know. See you then.” He closed the box and looked at my confused expression. “Its called a Mobile Phone, its a way to communicate to anyone around the world.” I nodded slowly, “I have a lot to learn I guess…” Lars took me by the waist and pulled me close. “I have eternity to teach you.” He left a lingering kiss on my lips as we floated into the darkness above.

I opened my eyes and saw that we were flying, Flying! I clung to him tightly and smiled, this was amazing! He landed on top of the tower he pointed out to me earlier that evening. He motioned a hand so I turned to look where he pointed. There was an elaborate Picnic set up for us, more food then I alone could eat, and different wines. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear, “Happy Birthday, Bel Amour.” My knees shook with the purr of his voice. I don’t know what he said, but I liked it. We sat and spoke about about our future together, drank wine and I ate what I could, well, he made me try a little of it all while I could. “How many do you actually have?” Lars sipped his wine and smiled, “I have seven still, You will meet them all tomorrow in New York. We’ll take my Private Jet and be there just before the sun sets tomorrow night, but for now, were enjoying your birthday.” I smiled and sat closer to him, laying my head on his shoulder. I watched the stars from my seat beside him. I wondered what it was like through his eyes, I guess I will soon find out won’t I?


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