Breaking Through…


Mountains upon mountains of papers litter Marius’ desk. I have spent hours pouring over all of them, finally I believe I’ve made a break through, at least with countering the side effects of the Conduit Substance. I cant help but giggle with glee knowing it’s nothing more then simple potioneering. Or maybe, not so simple. I need a test subject brave enough to let me test my theories. I wonder if Va’lis would do it…no..if i killed him accidentally even Pandora would kill me. She and I are best friends and close, but that’s “Her baby boy”…kind of makes me sick.

I grabbed my notebook and immediately started writing my findings…..

“The Conduit Substance is made of Parasitic poison, combined with ground nightshade, crushed nox crystals, and Pure Vinegar. One would need to combine Saline to dilute the Poison, Garlic to counter the Nightshade, Mandrake Root and Ginseng to counter the Nox Crystals. These ingredients will counter the bad side effects of the Conduit and ease the Nausea, Vomiting, Vertigo, Delirium, Shock, and hopefully, Death.”


I set my pen down and stare at it. Im so happy Marius shared this Earthian technology with me. I smile as I think about that man. I miss him something fierce, but i have to stay strong for Pandy. Ive gotten real good at hiding my emotions inside my head. Ashiok taught me something good at least. I shake out of those thoughts and pour back into my work. Pain. I need to find a proper medicine for Pain relief. I know many potions that take care of the problem but they would all fuck with the Serum in some way and I cannot risk it. Last thing i need is to fuck something up, Marius trusted me with this and by the gods in heaven i will succeed!

I poured over Marius’ texts over and over, until finally I found a book he brought from Earth for me, before his trial. There were many terms I barely understood, Earth was so far advanced it astounded me. When Marius returns I will have to ask him to take me there, I do not dare ask Pandora, not right now. The book was filled with different Earthian Medicine i have never heard of in my life. I spent hours with my eyes trained on the pages until i found something, Dilaudid? It explained that it was a powerful pain reliever. Powerful, that is what I needed to alleviate the pain of the second phase of the serum injection. Of course whatever it may be, id have to experiment on myself first.

Now, the question is, where can I get it, or better yet, how? I growled and slammed the book shut, one step forward, and two back. I then realized there was a doctor from Earth that resided here on Sosaria with us now. Vandion! Dr. Vandion Jones! I got excited, how could i forget about him..?…Oh riiiight…he was frollicking and fixing the heart of the fair murderer Xuri. I grinned, oh if things went well for them they would make beautiful shifter babies. I left Marius’ office, and headed out to find the good doctor….oh boy would he have many questions to answer…

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