A Distressing Situation

Ro-EladenMy dad rarely spoke about my mother. The pain he felt at the mention of her was so strong… Even though he tried to hide it from me, I could see it in his eyes. A part of him died with her that day. As such, her life and death were one of those topics that I’d long since come to accept as something I’d never know much about. After he died, I simply accepted it as fact that I was alone. Then I was brought here to the orphanage in Umbra and I no longer felt so alone. I’ve met so many wonderful people; my best friends Britney, Frisco and Amira, my wonderful boyfriend Zach, and everyone else that I now consider family.

Speaking of family, Merida came by late one night a few weeks ago and told me that she and Armand wanted to adopt me! I was so excited! I’d have a mom, and siblings and everything! They’ve even started treating me like their daughter. Merida let me come over to the Villa and she did my hair and nails, and we stayed up talking for hours. Armand let me pick out my room in the new house they’re having built, and gave me a curfew and stuff. He’s also really protective, but I don’t mind. I feel so safe and loved with them. Even though they’re vampires, they’re my Momma and Papa. That’s all that matters.

A few days later Armand came and told me that the Royal Britannian Guard would be doing a search for any family I might have, just to make sure there would be no problems with the adoption. Well, it turns out there was a problem. They found my mom’s sister, my aunt, and she wants to adopt me as well. That means my adoption is contested, and it’ll probably have to go before the King’s court to be settled.

My aunt’s name is Lady Geneva Powell, and she’s a Marquessa in Britain. I’ve already met with her once, and I don’t like her! She’s a self-important, puffed up, snooty noble who thinks she knows what’s right for me. She doesn’t know anything about me! If it were up to her, she’d rip me away from everyone I care about, including my Zach, and try to turn me into some “proper” little lady, regardless of my feelings. I mean, she doesn’t care about me at all. She just wants to rectify some wrong that she thinks my mom committed years ago by renouncing her nobility and following her heart.

Armand says that a court would give priority to Lady High and Mighty because she’s a blood relative, but I want to say with the Romanus family. They’re doing everything they can to keep me, even getting Zach a title so that my aunt has little reason to try and separate us. I’m scared, but I have faith that they won’t let her take me away… I just hope it’s enough.

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