The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 2

marius-waits-for-valisIt was late as he arrived in Umbra, having waited till the last possible moment as usual has that tendency.Work in Moonglow was keeping him busy these days and though the pirate threat was passing for the time being, there was always more yet to do. But this, this was more important and the city could manage a few days without him.

His approach was quiet, calculated even, each foot placed precisely before moving on. He thought back as he made his way towards where he knew the others would be. He thought back to all the times Marius had helped him out.

Believing in him, helping him to save Carrie. refusing to allow him things that would endanger those he cared for. The simple things really, such small actions that would echo throughout his mind as monumental moments later on. Marius was there when he needed it.

And now he would be there for when Marius needed it.

The city would function and carry on, both of them. Family came first and he figured that few would even expect him to show up. Hoped maybe, but a slim one at best. A faint smirk formed upon his face for he loved to prove people wrong.

He wasn’t doing this for them, he was doing it for Marius. One of the few to put faith in him regardless of his past doings and dealings. One of the few to actually try and get to know him. And for all those times, he would return the favor now.

One by one, they noticed as he approached. Some turning their heads and some not bothering. He squeezed Carries hand as he passed, gave Cherry a kiss on her cheek (before she could protest he had moved on) and gave Merida a quick hug. But his eyes never wavered from Marius.

Finally he stood before him, eye to eye with the man who trusted him time after time and both did not look away. A minute, an hour, an age could have passed and he would not have noticed until he finally broke the silence between them.

“Shall we go before you are late, or do you just plan on standing around here all day?”

Typical of him, he could almost hear the groans of annoyance within the minds of those gathered. Marius did not answer, but he could see the glint of faint amusement within those eyes of his. Without a word he turned to the portal and he followed without question. Followed the one who needed support even though he was so strong.

Marius. His friend. His teacher.

His father.

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