A Girl Interrupted, Pt. 2

skara*at the Blacksmith’s in Skara Brae, after the Spiritwood Masterpiece Theatre Presentation*

Pandora got up slowly from the floor where she had slid to a halt. She moved to where Va’lis had been thrown across the room, hitting the wall and sliding down. Zeeke hadn’t even flinched when Pandora grabbed her by the throat lifting her off her feet; Pandora had forgotten one of the most important rules — don’t piss off vampires that are older than you. She extended a hand to Va’lis and pulled him up to his feet. The rage in her, burning. She opened a gate home, “Come.”

Once they landed in Vamp’s Lair, they went inside and she plopped onto the expensive fancy couch inside. Va’lis sat in the loveseat near her. She put her foot up on the coffee table and then suddenly kicked the flower vase off of the table, crashing to the floor in an explosive shattering motion. She cursed. “We have to talk about your anger issues,” he said.

“She isn’t going to give a god damn whether it is in public or not… not one ounce,” she said. Va’lis shook his head, “Apparently not.” She stood up, needing to hit something! She walked over to the fancy glass table lamp and in a swoosh that too went flying and shattered into pieces. “Pandora!” Va’lis exclaimed. She felt the anger that grew in Va’lis as Zeeke dared to harass him and even touch him. It coursed through her own veins as if they were one. She growled and cursed again.

Bond or not, Va’lis and Pandora had a deep love for each other. She was a mother figure to him and he was her son. Its how she felt. Most of the positive changes in Va’lis could be attributed to the influence of Pandora, although Va’lis is always going to be Va’lis. Now that he was married to Cherry, he’d have more reasons to move in the right direction. Many people never spend the time to actually get to know Va’lis, but Pandora did. It is something that Va’lis has always appreciated about Pandora.

Pandora moved over to the large vase in the corner… lifting it and throwing it. Va’lis followed the vase, watching it shatter and the dirt and plant end up everywhere. “I am not cleaning that up,” he said. “She’s tasted you, Va’lis… and she’s going to want more. I am now convinced it was her coven that took Carrie. Of course they would recognize her, they forced you to turn her!” Her tone was filled with anger. “We’ll get her back, I need her back,” Va’lis said. “She’s going to want to dissect her, figure out the differences between Earthen vampires and Sosarian ones and how they can take advantage of it,” Pandora said. She paused a minute. Stretched her hands across the table of books behind the couch.

“Them coming here, finding the portal in Iceland connected to Ice Isle, its no coincidence. They mean to push their agenda here. As soon as they read the tid bits back on Earth about a portal to another world, about how this world knows of the existence of our kind, it was a matter of time. Its hard for them to do much on Earth, they’d experience the same kind of racism, outcasting, and general disdain vampires experience here. It is why there, we must remain hidden. We know that now more than ever. But if they can come here and execute their plan here, well… what’s to keep them from bringing all those that they turn back to Earth. Their plan is to outnumber the population on Earth,” she said.

“For what purpose?” Va’lis asked. Pandora rolled her eyes. “Va’lis, they are vampire supremacists.” “What does that mean, though?” He asked. “It means they do not believe humans should exist. That they are all meant to be turned.” Va’lis paused a moment. “Wait so they mean to replace the human race?” Pandora stayed quiet, she knew the answer. “That’s just crazy, I mean how will they accomplish that?” He questioned. “The same way they forced you to turn Carrie.” He stayed silent. “It’s what they do,” she said the rage in her boiling once again. She swiped her hands across the table, sending the books flying. “They are going to kill her once they get what they want,” her voice raised.

She ran quickly into the family meeting room, and Va’lis followed. As soon as the doors closed, she screamed in anger. The tower shook. Va’lis put his fingers in his ears. It was that loud. Va’lis watched her pace around the room, cursing up a storm and knocking things around until she finally sat down in Marius’ chair. He moved to her and hugged her, “Tell me we’re not going to let them do that to her.” Pandora hugged him back but she didn’t say anything.

Marius came up from the Catacombs beneath the Lair and went into the family meeting room, “Okay I heard that from three levels deep. What is going on?” Pandora unwrapping from Va’lis looked at him. “Zeeke was at Skara Brae,” she said. “Hmmm, so she’s going public huh?” Marius asked. “Yes and the b… dared to touch Va’lis, sat next to him intimidating him. I mean she ran a finger through his hair and then down his neck!” Pandora responded once again agitation in her tone. “Because they know people know he’s a vampire,” Marius said, “thus she’s not breaking any laws.” Pandora’s eyes narrowed as she let out a low growl, “I want her lands forfeit, Marius!” She demanded. “That’s not easy to do, Pand. We would have to have proof that she’s taken a Romanus vampire, which Carrie technically isn’t.” Va’lis sat up, “Then trade me for her.” Both Pandora and Marius turned to him, an expression of horror crossing both their faces.

“Absolutely not!” Marius stated. Pandora stood up looking to Marius, “I don’t care what you have to do, but I want her lands forfeit and once they are I will burn her and David to the god damn ground. If we have to bring Maharet into this, than that’s what we will do! I am not losing another one of my children,” she walked out and used the hidden panel to access the elevator to the Catacombs.

Marius looked to Va’lis, moving to the chair that Pandora had occupied next to Va’lis. “I must get her back, Marius,” Va’lis said once again resolute to his conviction. “She’s too important to me. She’s so good, so pure. She’s the best thing I’ve ever had a chance to have next to Cherry.” Va’lis’ love for his newest childe was very clear. Marius hugged him. “We will figure this out, but we cannot lose you son.” Va’lis hugged him back, “Maybe I’ll turn a random other, offering them in return for Carrie. And maybe you can engineer a way, like what happens with the serum, to create an explosion within them after we have Carrie.” Marius looked at him, thinking. “I may be able to do that. But we need more intel, we need to know where they’ve taken her,” Marius said. “I have just the person to give us the intel we need,” Va’lis said. “Trustworthy?” Marius asked. “Yes, for now.” Va’lis answered. “Then do it.” Marius said as he stood up, “I’ll work on the Fusilage part of our Kickstart Serum to see what I can do with it, in the meantime.” Va’lis nodded.

The two men left, after another quick hug. Va’lis to find his spy. Marius to his lab deep down in the Catacombs, but first passing through their quarters to check in on Pandora.

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