A Girl Interrupted, Pt. 3

london-england-tower-of-london-inside-traitors-gate*at the Tower of London in England*

The spy had returned nothing for nothing was available. Is as if the ground had swallowed all of them. The area that Va’lis had instructed to be watched didn’t have a soul in it.

Carrie had been taken through the portal in Ice Isle to Iceland. From there she was taken to a stronghold in London, out deep underground. She could hear the whispers of men saying how they must shield her from the sun, for the sun of her world lacked the strength that this world’s sun had. She knew she was no longer in Sosaria. The men left and she tried to stay awake but some outside force was calling her to sleep. Her eye lids felt heavy. Not soon after she submitted to the dead sleep.

She woke up, slowly picking herself up off the floor to a seated position when a booming voice spoke to her, “Hello.” Frank Draco sat with his knees pulled up to chest across from her. He was an older man, and she realized after staring at him, he was also a vampire. “Shall we begin?” He asked. “Begin what?” She answered back with a question of her own. “A game,” he said with a bit of a smirk.

The next few hours Carrie found herself beaten and tortured. She was then poked and prodded, all without a single drop of the synthetic blood she had depended on. They wanted to analyze her blood, to see what they could find locked away in her genes that now reflected the Razele bloodline. But what they did not expect was the fact that Carrie had not taken a lot of blood from Va’lis, like most progeny would. She was a vegan and had been using the synthethic blood that ironically the Draconians had developed and mass produced. They were not going to get a whole lot of information from her. But would that prove to be the catalyst for her demise? If she wasn’t useful to them, they would kill her. She thought of Rich, of the life she should be living and she cried herself to sleep alone in that dark place.

She woke up again, it had been 6 days but it seemed longer to her. Perhaps it just the thirst that was making the days longer. She once again heard voices so she focused in and listened. They were talking about needing a purer source of the blood, that they would need more blood samples from her. They also talked about another one of the Razele bloodline that could be of more use to them, the one that lives in Venice. She instantly knew they were refering to Merida. She started to panic a bit, would they go after her? Merida was now a mother to three young children, what about the children? She felt a sense of protectiveness. If she was going to die, she would die trying to keep her sire-sister from her own fate. She resgined to that conviction.

Frank came in, “Are we going to cooperate today?” Normally she fought this tooth and nail. But not today. She looked at him with narrowed eyes, extending her arm out in defiance. “Oh good, you’ve realized its better to work with us than against us,” Frank said as he prepared to take more blood from her. As he did, she spit on him. He chuckled wickedly as he wiped his face, “Aren’t we a little bit spunky today.” He continued his work methodically. The hunger in her was evident as she saw the blood that poured into the vial. “Be thankful you are not so old that your skin doesn’t heal as well, otherwise I’d have to knife your arm open to get what I want.” She just stared at him, hate growing by the second. As he finished up she folded her arm, “You have no idea the kind of wrath you are incurring, do you?” She asked retorically. Frank laughed. “Little one, every day we deal in wrath. It is not foreign to us.” She looked at him, “If you touch her, you will have to deal with Maharet.” Frank stopped packing up for a second. That named evoked fear like no other usually. Maharet and her twin sister Mekare were part of the First Brood, the originators of us all. He then continued, closing up his bag. He walked up to her and quickly backhanded her, as she fell to the ground he said, “We fear nothing.” Carrie scurried to the corner of the cell, pulling her knees to her chest holding the side of her face. “Maybe you should,” she said. “So much for cooperation,” he said as he walked out of the cell the guards locking it all back up on his exit.

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