The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 11

carrie-worried-for-valisI saw him pacing, he would soon wear right through the floor.  The tensions were running high.  As we sat there listening to the testimony of Maharet, every time they mention that I or Merida are considered, “rogues” I sensed his anger level skyrocket.  My poor sire was going to lose it.  I squeezed Cherry’s hand, she squeezed back as she looked towards Va’lis.  On my other side was Rich, my husband who gave me a supportive smile then followed my gaze.  He too worried for Va’lis, he had grown to really like him.  I read his thoughts, I was developing my gifts with Cherry’s help.  His panic about allowing the marriage of Rich and I made me so sad.  I— I had to go comfort him.  I came up behind him and hugged him tight. My emotions pouring out of me. Did he know that allowing me to have Rich in my life was the single best thing he had ever done for me?  Rich balanced me, Rich propelled me to master my thirst, Rich provided security and stability, and most importantly Rich assured me that my life, the plans for it, could certainly continue onward… that yes some things were different but him and I could still have our life together.  What a gift that was!  It was not a mistake at all!!!

He wiped away my tears, and with it my fears, and walked me back over to my seat.  He lightly patted Rich’s shoulder but moved past us to Cherry.  He needed her.  Hell the Razele family needed her!  She was our mother, our protector, our teacher when Va’lis could not.  She really is the other half of him. Ohhh, Va’lis how I hope you can make it right and stay right.  She needs you too, you know!

Aftermath, Pt. 3

imageThe lab went boom!

My patience is so short now-a-days, I simply cannot get the potions done right.  No matter how hard I try or how much Va’lis helps me. Even he said, “Alchemy might not be for you, Carrie.” And Va’lis has never said that to me about anything before.  It’s really got me all twisted. Why can’t I do this!?


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A Girl Interrupted, Pt. 3

london-england-tower-of-london-inside-traitors-gate*at the Tower of London in England*

The spy had returned nothing for nothing was available. Is as if the ground had swallowed all of them. The area that Va’lis had instructed to be watched didn’t have a soul in it.

Carrie had been taken through the portal in Ice Isle to Iceland. From there she was taken to a stronghold in London, out deep underground. She could hear the whispers of men saying how they must shield her from the sun, for the sun of her world lacked the strength that this world’s sun had. She knew she was no longer in Sosaria. The men left and she tried to stay awake but some outside force was calling her to sleep. Her eye lids felt heavy. Not soon after she submitted to the dead sleep.

She woke up, slowly picking herself up off the floor to a seated position when a booming voice spoke to her, “Hello.” Frank Draco sat with his knees pulled up to chest across from her. He was an older man, and she realized after staring at him, he was also a vampire. “Shall we begin?” He asked. “Begin what?” She answered back with a question of her own. “A game,” he said with a bit of a smirk.

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A Girl Interrupted, Pt. 1


Carrie Parker had finally gotten her prince. She was now a married woman, a vampire yes, but also Mrs. Richard Perry. It is what she had always wanted. She had thought the events of that fateful night so long ago when Va’lis was forced to turn her had been the end of her life. In one way it had been. But in truth, nothing about her had really changed. Fundamentally, she was still Carrie. 
Carrie was smart, super smart. Graduating from Moonglow High with honors and then studying in Wind, where she met Va’lis. He had been her mentor and she had always looked up to him. She was a devoted daughter and sister and she always tried to do the right thing. She had wanted to become a teacher and one day be a professor like Va’lis. She had learned so much from him and she wanted to pay it forward.

So far being a mortal had slowed down somethings for a while, but they had not altogether put a stop to her life. She was learning to cope with everything, and doing so really well. She did not need to take mortal life, thanks to her sire-mother Cherry, so that made things very easy for her. She had learned to control the thirst, and was able to now have Rich live with her. She would soon be visiting her mother and father. And now she had with Va’lis’ permission gone to Britain to get married!

Her life was just starting to return to normal. Now, she was off to honeymoon in beautiful Zento. But happiness was cut short when Carrie found herself overpowered by a man and struck on the head. 

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