A Life Changing Love


I have lived for over a hundred and twenty nine years, and never knew what love truly was. Until I met him. Hair black as night, eyes dark and so seductive. His smile, oh that smile. He lit new fire within me I never knew I had. And his name….Armand.

I thought my life complete, living along side my sire, Va’lis Razele. I loved him, no matter the emotional scar’s he put me through. Followed him down to the deepest hell imaginable, until someone else took my place at his side. I was so torn, so deeply heartbroken. I thought of death and its sweet release, but he would not let me die, he forced me to live. Through my pain and agony I could see nothing, nothing but my own despair. I sat in that tavern alone, giving into my pain through drinking heavily.

He walked in, in all his glory, he sat right beside me and we spoke as if we were old friends. We did this, for days. Just spoke to one another and he fought for me. He wanted me at his side. Eventually I gave in and I fell in love with this man. I fell in love with his kindness, his gentleness, the way he presented himself with such, calm and nobility. At his side I felt right at home. I knew, he was already married to Bianca, Sweet Bianca. I felt so close to her, like a sister I never had. I come to realize that she and I have similar pasts. She too was never given a chance of true happiness, Motherhood, and was scorn and tossed aside by the man she adored and loved. Such a beautiful woman. I do love her, and she in turn loves me. She wanted Armand and me together. How could I tell her no?

Months, we spent together and our love has grown more then I could ever imagine. He has asked me to be his wife, his sister wife to Bianca. Of course I said YES! Ten times over! YES! How could I not? Bianca, my new sister, my love, and my best friend. My dearest Armand. I shall love him completely for the rest of our eternity.

There was only a slight snag in things. Armand wanted consent from my Master. Va’lis Razele, the man that was my first love. Now, he was no more then my Sire, My Master,….My Father. The meeting was nerve racking. I have never been so nervous about something in my entire life. Over the months Va’lis and I have become closer in parent and child nature. Overbearing, Overprotective and a constant Nag! How could I ever get through this! Armand held my hand, and spoke words of truth to Va’lis. He would care about me; give me happiness no one else can give. And love me eternally. Armand offered his blood in proof which Va’lis took. A smile crossed my Masters lips, along with his consent and approval of my choice.

Va’lis then pulled me into my old lair, to speak privately. He pleaded with me to promise him two things. To never sire from his blood, and never bond. I agreed and promised that to him. He told me I would always have a home to come back to. I smiled and was made the happiest of women that night. Va’lis then went into a secret wall compartment and pulled out a small black box. He then handed it to me. It was a ring. His Mothers ring! I did not know how to react to this gift. His last favor he asked was that I wore it for the wedding. With tears in my eyes, I promised him I would. The gift he said, was his way of saying I would always be a Razele, his daughter.

Now, I sit with Bianca and plan my wedding. Winter, I always wanted a winter wedding. We are going to find my wedding dress, in Venice I think…

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