A Life Changing Love


I have lived for over a hundred and twenty nine years, and never knew what love truly was. Until I met him. Hair black as night, eyes dark and so seductive. His smile, oh that smile. He lit new fire within me I never knew I had. And his name….Armand.

I thought my life complete, living along side my sire, Va’lis Razele. I loved him, no matter the emotional scar’s he put me through. Followed him down to the deepest hell imaginable, until someone else took my place at his side. I was so torn, so deeply heartbroken. I thought of death and its sweet release, but he would not let me die, he forced me to live. Through my pain and agony I could see nothing, nothing but my own despair. I sat in that tavern alone, giving into my pain through drinking heavily.

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