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The Children of Darkness guild is part of a very large community of online friends that play various games together — from MMO’s to Console Games to FPS’s to Online — called The Last Prophecy Community. We seek more folks with like-minded gaming interests that want to be part of something big. The community was founded in Ultima Online when a few of us started out as Beta testers in January of 1997. When the game launched, we first played on the shard known as “Eastern” which eventually became Atlantic. Once Atlantic was filled to capacity, we decided as a whole to move to Catskills on the first day that it opened in October of 1997. The name we took was “Children of Darkness”.

We started out as an entry-level role playing guild that focused on monster-hunting and would eventually go on to become one of the most creative and dominant Role Playing Player vs. Player guilds on the Catskills shard. Known for our famous city of Vamp’s Lair in East Britain, we maintained one of only two known public castles on the shard. The castle’s purpose was a vendor mall that did not discriminate based on your lawful or unlawful status. The other known castle owned by Dragon’s Claw did not allow murderers to shop there and would ban them on sight. So we opened our doors and asked the general public to “behave” while on premises. Most if not all the known area scoundrels kept that peace for fear of loosing their shopping privileges. But that wasn’t all we were known for.

Alongside guilds like the Undead Lords, Crimson Alliance, The Undead, the Shadowclan Orcs, and many more we were heavily involved in structured PvP that was completely in character. What we called “honorable kills” were structured around a common set of rules now known as Rules of Engagement. No ress killing, no looting, no unfair re-engagement, and fights had to be attained through role play interaction. Not all guilds participated in such a system but slowly more and more grew to accept the terms. War declarations were made, alliances were created. Full out wars were begotten at our city, at the dungeons, at rival cities… it was epic.

We were also, and still are, known for creating a world of RPvP that focused on the very popular but now deactivated Order vs. Chaos system.  We took over that in game mechanic and created two alliances — one Order, one Chaos. Guilds of certain alignments would join their alliance of choice. The two alliances were automatically at war. We would create storylines that included conflict-based interaction between guilds of both alliances, each of which would incur what we know as “Battle Plots”. These small encounters had various types of execution — • Prisoner Escorts • Incarcerations • Territorial Wars • Explosive Bombings • Murder Investigations • Bounty Hunting • Missing Persons — that would pin members of one alliance against the other with a storyline backdrop.

So here we are again, back in the game that started it all for us, and we need you. Without people to make this happen, there wouldn’t be any fun to be had.  If you are interested in maybe just dabbling into RP a little bit, or maybe you are a seasoned veteran of RP, or maybe you’d just like a little bit of chance. We are the guild to join.

We have our main guild, Children of Darkness, which is focused on the inside, hidden lives of downworlders — the supernatural — and their quest to be accepted, to make profit, and intermingle seamlessly into society; what we call mainstream.  From Vampires to werewolves to half-breeds to witches and warlocks … we have a place for everyone.

We also maintain and actively participate in the famous UO theme of the Royal Britannian Guard. Having a regiment out of the city of Umbra, the RBG’s focus is honor, protection, and service to the Crown. To restore our glory is this guild’s main objective.  Its a military-based institution and it has a training requirement (like Boot Camp) in where we ask folks to RP their story through it to develop their characters. We hope to be able to ally to a single “Royal Britannian Guard” alliance with all the respective chapters.

We also have a new endeavor, a merchant association known as the Trade and Commerce Commission that will function as an entry-level RP for folks that wish to learn how to RP.  Each city will likely have a stone and represent their city with members joining their local chapters.  It is a full in character role play of merchant affairs.  From hosting merchant fairs, negotiation of trade agreements, to helping local shops thrive… we help the merchants of Sosaria be prosperous.  Regional Presidents represent the GM’s of the chapter for their city, and they can be structured from there on.  You can add other members to it, they could be Vice Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries, Marketing Officers, etc. etc. anything you desire. Cities already involved in this RP theme are Umbra, Minoc, Britain, Trinsic, and Yew.  You can either join a city already existing or petition to create a new chapter in a city that does not yet have representatives.

The choice is yours.  Visit us today!

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