Blood Will Flow, Pt. 4

epic-sword-battleBlood, chaos, war, what beauty in it all. I watched as the beautiful Danielle Draco fell from the tower into the courtyard and gracefully to her feet. Immidiately I sent Louis and Armand inside to fetch Astoria. I knew they needed me to distract the bastards down here. I quickly flipped out a heavey compact axe I newly aquired and set my sites on Danielle. She was the strongest, and quickest of the lot here. We fought in the most barbaric ways, axe against knives, fists to fists. Her blows hurt but thanks to the blood of Akasha, I indured.

I swiped my axe and landed a blow across her belly, her scream rang through the courtyard. Amroth had appeared from inside carrying the body of one of Armands maids. And soon came to my aid. Together we backed the girl into a tight corner where she could not escape. Two halfbreeds came at me to defend Danielle..with two strokes I decapitated their heads from their shoulders in a bloody mess. As I flicked their blood off my axe I continued at Danielle. Blow for blow once more we were evenly matched.

Danielle Screamed out..”David! Brother! Help me!” The coward, I noticed he held a burned body of his wife Zeeke, I couldn’t help but smirk and know Maharet did the carnage. He gave a sad look before turning away from his sister. I could see her heart break. I could see betrayal in her eyes. “Such love in your family Danielle, is this the love you seek from him?! Is that what you are loyal to?!” she screamed once more in sheer rage and pain. And attacked me with such power but I held strong. By then, amroth became busy with another, Frank Draco. The father.

With a swipe of Danielle’s blade I felt pain in my side, I was stabbed. In a growl I pushed through and punched her square in the jaw, knocking her back several feet. She threw knives at me to which I deflected easily. Tears stained her face. The rage and heart ache she felt from being abandoned took its tole one her. with one final attack she launched herself at me and stabbed me through and through my gut. I swung my axe and it lodged into her side nearly cutting her in half. We swung tilled as our blood flowed from our wounds. Her eyes stared into mine. I saw her pain and fear. It was overbearing. “Lestat..I ..was always …so fond of you…so beautiful…I love you…won’t you end this…won’t you?” I fell in love with her at those words. Such a broken soul, how could I end her life when it was so misguided?

We drew away from one another as did our blades. Her father swooped in after a harsh battle between he and Amroth and grabbed her up, taking her away to safety. I was hurt, but I’ll be damned if I do not stand and fight the others. I stood and ignored the nagging pain and fought. Slicing my way through whatever was left of the Draconian forces. Ripping limb from limb. Many died at my hand. Oh the blood and gore, poetry in itself.

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