Blood Will Flow, Pt. 5

valis-shotAs we made our way through the water, Marius kept pulling me back by shoulder and checking my speed. Did he not understand my desire to get Carrie out of the hell hole she was held in? Did he not sense my anger at those who dared took what was mine? A side glance back into his face showed me that he did indeed know how I felt.

That was why he was doing as he was.

Cherry however, took the lead for a short while. Blazing hair the only thing keeping her in my vision, she blended so well into the darkness it was hard even for me to keep track. She held up a hand and Marius halted me fully as she went around a corner, we heard a shot..and then another followed by a short scream and then a thump. Marius nodded and we continued past the now fallen mortal guard, his partner several feet beyond. Both downed with a shot to the chest.

It carried on like that for several slow, long moments. Cherry or Marius would drift forward, several shots would ring out and then we would advance once more. All the while I would try pushing past, I hated the slow pace of our advance and just wanted Carrie back in my arms safe and sound.

This place was dark, not in the sense of vision or brightness. No it was fairly well lit the farther we got, it was just a feeling that was settled over the halls. I had not felt something like that for several years, not since before I myself had met Pandora. My own guns were ready though, my fingers gripping it perfectly as Cherry had taught me. What was this feeling now? Was I worried? Anxious?

I was, and I knew it.

Five minutes, ten minutes. Marius kept looking upwards, Cherry as well sometimes with worry on both of their faces. Keeping track of the others I assumed, I had other worries to deal with. A good thing I was, because all of a sudden a scent came down the hall.

Blood. My blood. The blood that ran within Carrie. I bolted forward instantly, barreling past Cherry and shoving Marius aside in my haste. My guns fell to the ground, instantly forgotten as I rounded the corner.

What I found halted my charge. A click, as loud as a cannon in the tight quarters.  “Shi-” Not even a full word out, and my world went dark.

Cherry and Marius watched as the two handguns he had been carrying clattered to the floor and caused a fresh flood of worry. Cherry glanced to Marius briefly, starting to run forward after me before they both heard the click. Followed by another.  Cherry recognized it. So did Marius. The sound of a hammer pulling back on a firearm.

A strangled cry and I fell backward, crumpling to the floor in full view of them both.  The two bullets had pierced through my torso, in middle of my abdomen. My form lifeless, blood pooling out and staining the area about me.  “Shi-” Not even a full word out, and my world went dark,

Barely a moment passed, and Kirk Draco walked around the corner. Sliding a fresh clip into his own guns. He nodded at Cherry and Marius in a slight greeting.

“Good evening.”



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