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blackrock-caveI walked into the lab completely drenched in soot, dirt, and ash. Va’lis was there reading through his father’s notes and journals. He looked up at me, “Did I miss a mud wrestling contest?” I gave him the flatest of flat looks as I placed a strongbox that also was just as wrecked with soot, dirt, and ash as I was on the counter.

“Is that?” He said as his eyes lit up. He was still enamored and fascinated by this stuff and he just couldn’t help himself, went straight for it with bare hands. I of course had to stop him. “Va’lis! No!” I exclaimed as I took his wrist and held it just an inch from the box. “Protection, son!” I reminded him. And this is why we needed Piper. I cannot trust that his eagerness will not get the best of him. She was much more careful in handling the stuff and would be mindful to ensure Va’lis was careful as well.

Marius knew that Piper’s medicinal training would help the cause by focusing her on minimizing the negative effects of the serum, so that it’s far easier to take. He also knew that Va’lis’ scientific mind would hone in on the end result, perfecting the effects of the serum and expanding the length of time those effects would apply. Each has their strength and bring lots to the table but they have to find a way to work together on this.

Va’lis retracted his hand and rolled his eyes at me, but he put on the special gloves Marius had instructed them to use when handling blackrock. He examined the contents of the box and was immediately enthralled, “Ohhh good stuff. Good stuff.” His smirk said it all. “You are going to have to tell me where the fuck you got this pure a source from!!!” He looked at me. As I walked over to the gurney and sat on it, a thousand images of my husband working in this lab rushed my mind and I knew I could never tell him. Ever. Marius’ words were clear as day. To protect our son we would never be able to divulge this secret. “No, Va’lis I will not tell you. I promised my husband I wouldn’t ever.” My eyes rimmed with blood tears.

He knew not to press, he felt the despair in me rise. We were not bonded but he loved me and knew I loved him, it was a different bond. “I’ll just have to ask him when he returns then,” he said confidently. And in that statement he comforted me as he often does. I laid back on the gurney and looked up at the ceiling lost in my thoughts. “And you really should shower,” he said to me and winked.

Yeah I guess I should.

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