Finding a Purer Source

Va’lis was working in the lab already when I got there late last night.  I wanted to drop off another set of notes and books that Piper and I had found in Marius’ office at Romanus Manor. Of course his level of frustration was visible. Him and Piper just have not been able to cross paths. Piper, as she is still quite young, must keep herself to the dampness of the dark nights, while Va’lis being much more tolerant of the Malas sun tends to squeeze in some time throughout the day.  Of course, he does have a city to run.

“Oh look what I found…” I said, “… more books and notes.”  He looked at me and said, “Of course you did.”  I could tell that he was irked. “It would be nice to have some help around here,” he stated.  “Piper was here last night working.  She came home drenched in soot mumbling about blowing up stuff,” I said.  Of course I know Piper’s been busy keeping me company and helping me clear out some of Marius’ more obvious things so that I am not having to see it all.  Its how I came about the extra notebooks he had kept in his office.  “Mhm,” Va’lis simply said.

“You know this blackrock powder isn’t high grade, right?”  He looked to me as I laid down on the gurney.  “Marius told me where I can find more, but he told me to never tell another soul. That stuff is dangerous,” I replied and Va’lis rolled his eyes at me, “Ya think?” “Well we know what happened last time, Va’lis — you cannot touch it, you are not old enough to power through the regen that is needed to combat that poison,” I said and looked to him as he sat in the chair and put his feet up on my lap. He stared at me.  “I cannot lose you Va’lis, I will not survive it,” I said trying to keep my voice from cracking.  “I’m not going anywhere,” he assured me, “But you really have to get me better quality blackrock.”

We sat around some more, talking…  as mothers and sons do.  He of course tried to get me to show him where he can get blackrock, but sorry kiddo,  this requires age… lots of age.  A digging I will go.

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