Moving On Up

So as we packed up our old place, the girls and I lovingly wrapped all our nick knacks and furnishings.  Room by room my daughters and I got most of our items all boxed up.  Finally Merida came home and joined in helping us, her rooftop garden being one of the more difficult things to pack. We had to ensure her “babies” wouldn’t get squashed or tumble out of the soil they were packed into.  It was a lot of work, but we finally got the majority of it done.  Except of course, I wouldn’t let my girls into our master bedroom to pack anything.  I mean heaven forbid they find mommy and daddy’s … “toy chest”.  No, Merida and I would come back for our bedroom later.

villa-vizcayaSo we got all of our stuff into the moving crates and loaded up the pack horses that would be moving our stuff over and finally made it to our new home, our grand estate that we have always dubbed Villa Vizcaya.  I designed it into three parts… the main house, the west wing, and the east wing.  The main house contained all the formal living spaces — my art studio and our offices occupying ground floor, living and dining room on the first floor, our master suite on the 3rd, and of course the majority of my wife’s garden space on the rooftop. The West Wing was where all our children would go and guest rooms, it also housed our main balcony and the hot tub area.  The East Wing was our entertaining side — Merida’s tea room, my barbeque cooking area, and the swimming pool.  This was the home we would raise all of our children in.  It felt good to be here.

Of course, there was one small little annoyance.  The place was always surrounded by… things… water elementals, reapers, etc. *sighs*  But that only meant that our daughters would have a chance to practice their spells and would have to be diligent of their siblings.  For Merida and I this isn’t a big issue, we’re a family of spellcasters anyways.  Tony’s even exhibiting natural talent in magic, which no doubt makes Va’lis an extra proud grandfather.

Of course after getting our girls and toddlers all settled in our new house, we had to return for our bedroom.  We packed it all up, and well… we got a bit nostalgic.  Which ended up with Merida in the very first piece of lingerie that I ever bought for her…  that didn’t last too long on her.  *smirks*

In the morning, we finished up packing and we got all our stuff over to the new house.  We spent the entire day unpacking!  We did get most of it done however, much to my surprise.  Its great to have children that can help! So proud of my girls. They are the joy of my ever expanding heart.  Every time I feel as though I couldn’t love anymore, I find more space in my heart for more to love.  This is true of little Rowan,  I’ve grown so close to her.  I love her dearly and I hope she feels that love from me just as much as Saphira does.  Saphira is after me about seeing her in her other form, as dragonkin she can go from one form to another.  I am just not prepared for it,  not because I don’t think its beautiful,  but just because I have a hard time watching her grow up.  She’s been my little princess, fault me for wanting to hang on to that a bit longer.  I know eventually she will show me her dragon form and I will love her just the same, but for now… I just want to hold on my little girl a bit longer.   I imagine it will be no different with my Rosie, who is now starting to be just as crazy as our Holy Terror, Tony.  I am sure I am not alone in this feeling as a parent.

A few days later, Merida asked me to pack up the kids and send them off to grandma and grandpa’s in Monticello.  Cherry of course is always there to pick up the slack and she adores our children.  They love her too!  It was good to see Ro and Cherry bond too.  So off they went…  I had to come back for Ro who was practicing outside. I told her she was welcomed to stay with Zachary should Mrs. Taylor give her blessing, but she wanted to stay with her new family at Monticello for the night.  This made me happy.  I made her a tuna fish sandwich as she packed an overnight bag.

merida-douglas_emma-stone_lingerieWhen I got back, to my now empty beautiful large house, I went to the office to start to unpack there.  It would be nice to have an office at the house now where I could work late but still enjoy being around my family.  I knew Merida was home, there was some rustling happening but I just thought she too was unpacking stuff.  Just then she peeked in my office… she was all done up, dressed to the nines… high heels, make up, hair done, everything.  If my heart could beat, it would have skipped a few.  I wanted her immediately and I just couldn’t help myself.  She told me she had a surprise with a slight grin to her gorgeous face. So I followed her out…

She had bought new paints and brushes and canvases for me and had set them all up.  She turns around and shimmies out of her dress, letting it drop to the floor.  Now that’s what I call inspiration.  She wanted me to paint a new portrait of her in our new house.  So I sat her down, positioning her just right… and I got to work.  Being a vampire does have its benefits… the precision of my work did not suffer because of my supernatural speed.  Within 15 minutes or so I was done.  Then I needed wine.  I told her to take a look and I would get us two glasses of red wine from our bar.  Then, after seeing my word, she walked over to kiss me. It was one of those super hot, deep kisses full of desire and passion.  The kind that leads to me pulling her bikini panties off and going to town on her with my tongue!   I just adore the taste of her… can’t help it.  You can guess where it went from there….


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