Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 14

When that sadistic bitch showed me the video my fears were livened. So they could touch them they could get to them easily. My heart broke. I really had no choice. I broke. What was held together before with glue and tape.. shattered again. So much for progress. I felt strong manly hands lift me. I didn’t fight this time. I let him carry me through the halls. I could hear Carrie’s cries for them to let me go. I knew Astoria life was hanging by a thread. I saw Danielle skipping in front of me and the man that carried me..”Hurry up with her Kirk. David will be so pleased!” I looked up at the man named Kirk. I knew if I fought he would snap me right in half. I stayed still and silent.

He placed me in a chair at a table facing David and Zeeke. Danielle explained to David silently I knew..he smiled at me. I finally spoke. “I will share what I know…but I beg of you…let Carrie and Astoria go..leave my kids alone..” blood tears slid from my eyes and down my chest. I must have been a sight. The evil giggling of Zeeke at my distress made me hopeless. I awaited David’s answer..I had a plan..a broken…hopeless one..but what else could I do.

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