Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 16

imageTime passed slowly, Cherry holding me through each second that went by. I could feel the hate within me, it had been awhile since I felt a hate this strong. Many, many years before Pandora calmed the storm of my mind perhaps. And now it was struggling to free itself once more, and how I wanted to let it loose. My magic did not work here, but I would destroy those who had shattered my family apart.

I did not move, I barely blinked even I planned and schemed. I stood no chance before these ancients but I would be damned if I would not try. Carrie, now Merida? These Draconian bastards would have their heads mounted upon my wall.

Madness is a very real problem in my line, I thought mine long gone. Cherry could see it writhing behind my eyes, dark as the depths of the ocean and perhaps that is why she tried so hard to calm me.

Nothing would stay my wrath. You do not piss off Va’lis Razele and walk away unscathed.

My daughters would be returned to me and held tight within my arms, or I would die.

There are no other alternatives. No other way for this to happen. If I had to rip the city apart, so be it.

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